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Sum up your life in one word.

As I have become addicted to TED talks and TED conversations I have started to see in myself and you the qualities which are our makeup. A great thread was what do our favourite TED talks say about us http://www.ted.com/conversations/2291/what_do_your_favourite_ted_tal.html

I just watched a Jamie Oliver vid on Youtube and realised how passionate he is about his live. So for me summing up my life in one word is PASSION!


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      Apr 25 2011: Martim, good grief, how can you be a TED translator and organiser and have boredom as the one word that sums up your life?
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      Apr 26 2011: Boredom is a choice. There are soooooooo many things in life to explore.
      Why would you choose boredom?????
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        Apr 28 2011: Colleen, there are times when just good will isn't enough. There are psycologycal, social and time-related barriers to be broken. That takes time. If you've spent a great deal of time in boredomness, it's not that easy to break that routine.
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          Apr 28 2011: I guess you're right...it's not that easy to break the routine. I haven't ever been bored in my entire life, and I don't understand it at all. Thanks for your reply. You became a TED translator and organizer in an effort to break the routine? You speak 5 languages, and here you are conversing on TED. Seems like the "routine" is being broken? I appreciate you:>)

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