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The Brain in a Jar Theory is not True

The Brain in a jar theory states that we could all be merely a brain or brains in a jar or jars. This cannot be true because in order for this reality to be an illusion the brain/s must have a perfect understanding of the reality. This however is not the case because we do not fully understand our universe. Also if our brains somehow did understand the universe then wouldn't we have understood the universe by now? The whole brain interacts with itself in some way so really it is impossible to keep a part of the brain working without it interacting with the other parts. But the possibility that reality is an illusion is an interesting one.

  • Mar 12 2014: I believe our Brains to be much more complicated than we are aware of.
    Scientists have measured the electrical activity in our heads at an average of 400 BILLION bits per second...
    But can only identify 2000 of those... What's really going on in there? There's a lot more to figure out; and or become aware of... Like our abilities with adrenaline, memories,dreams... Our connections with reality, ourselves, each other...
    I believe we ALL are connected with what has been called THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS . And that we have all lost most of our abilities to tap into that resource. Some more than others...
    Here's a thought... The two scientists that were awarded the Nobel prize for the DNA helix and associated discoveries
    both stated the thought process that led to the actual shape of the helix came to both of them in Dreams... The same exact image in two dreams with two people... Go figure... If DREAMERS can win the Nobel Prize;
    what's holding you back?
    • Mar 12 2014: Yes, Dreams do present many amazing things. When a person gets obsessed and per-occupied with one thing then our brain creates dreams and it most of the time it creates images which we have not even imagined.

      Yes, this can happen that two different people can see exact images in two dreams. I am excited to see your comment talking about dreams.
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      Mar 13 2014: I think what you say about the collective consciousness reminds me of a Nikola Tesla quote:
      "My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration. I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core, but I know that it exists."
      If you think about it dreams are a way to focus one's imagination and also ones visualization skills. And really, it is no surprise that two people learning and talking about the same things for a long time eventually came to the same conclusion. It is simply awesome that are brains are capable of such things. Are you familiar with lucid dreaming?
  • Mar 16 2014: The brain creates its world by building models of reality based on its inputs from our sensors. The sensors observe some small amount of a limited sample of an outside the brain physical phenomenon and by their physical nature modify it a bit. Their response is further subjected to conditioning before going to the brain. These modifications were probably developed to enhance our survivability.

    If one were to immerse the brain in the proper fluid, supply it with blood containing the necessary nutrients, and provide the properly modified signals to the sensor inputs, the brain would never know the difference. The output could be interrupted by a computer and the brains every wish supplied supplied in a virtual form by the computer.
    Of course none of this is possible today but perhaps in the next hundred years?. One problem, that of making connections to each input neuron might be accomplished temporarily using a fluid that would develop a conductive thread between any two points that had a potential difference.
    • Mar 18 2014: Yes, Our brain creates its own reality based on its inputs or stimuli .We often perceive that we exist as a whole body with all the organs . But, in reality we exist in intangible form and our body is the projection of our intangible form.

      As you have said that :

      "If one were to immerse the brain in the proper fluid, supply it with blood containing the necessary nutrients, and provide the properly modified signals to the sensor inputs, the brain would never know the difference. The output could be interrupted by a computer and the brains every wish supplied supplied in a virtual form by the computer."

      If we can do this then still we will be alive but then our existence will be inside the brain just same as we exist in the dreams during the sleep.

      During sleep our brain withdraws the consciousness from the body and then we exist inside the body and then we don't feel that we have body parts.

      Our body has billions of sensors which are connected to the brain, and our body produces certain chemicals which flow inside the blood and when that chemical comes in contact with the sensors then the the sensors get stimulated and send the signal to the brain and thus we feel that we have body.

      This is similar like feeling the taste on the tongue. When we put any sweet thing on the tongue then the taste buds or the sensors on the tongue get stimulated with the sweet and then sends signals to the brain. And then we feel the sweetness.
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    Mar 11 2014: This is Mr. Anderson, the Blue Pill you took had expired and you need to report to Matrix Reintegration.
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      Mar 11 2014: Nah the blue pill never expires! You only choose to forget what the blue pill gave you!
      But yeah, the matrix actually makes more sense then the brain in a jar theory.
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    Mar 23 2014: Well I don't agree with the statement

    "This cannot be true because in order for this reality to be an illusion the brain/s must have a perfect understanding of the reality."

    I think our mind are flexible enough to provide illusions (or delusions) even if we don't fully understand reality. As creative beings in with brains in jars we would simply need the facility to adapt to the stimulus that our mind(s) create. In other words it works as long as our own imaginations are self consist, not requiring a full understanding,
  • Mar 18 2014: I dig the enquiry.....
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    Mar 17 2014: It is possible one of us to be a brain having a delusion, and all the other people we know to be part of the delusion.
    But although possible I do not think it is plausible for us to be billions of brains sharing a single delusion.

    However I do think it is highly plausible we are life forms from an anther parallel dimensions, (in religious terms, angels from heaven) playing a massively multi-player alternate-universe role-playing game.

    Instead of a virtual world that feels real, it’s a parallel universe that was create with matter and is real. And in our non-game lives we are made of energy or light particles or something else beyond our imagination.
    In MMORPG terms this game has permanent death, player changeable environment, actions have lasting effects on the game, we play for entrainment and education, we did stat allocation before we started (35-intelligence, 20-health, 5-luck, 40-starting wealth), and each galaxy has only one species that can be played. So we are alone in this galaxy and if we fail it is black hole time for our galaxy.

    I have to wonder if when we dream are we AFK (Away From Keyboard) or are we still playing the game?
  • Mar 16 2014: The specifics are here:
    Read the Republic as a whole to get complete context.
  • Mar 14 2014: If this reality is real, then we do not have to have perfect understanding of our universe.

    Therefore, we would not need perfect understanding of out universe to be a brain in a jar.

    In fact, even in this reality, we are a brain in a jar, with the jar being a skull. fed by bundles of nerves. Those signals coming from the nerves could be real, or manipulation. There would be no way for the brain in the skull, with access to nothing other than the nerve inputs, to know..
  • Mar 13 2014: The bizarre "brain in a jar" HYPOTHESIS (it's got far too little evidence to qualify as a "theory") is really just a "thought experiment". Nobody takes it seriously except for kooks.
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      Mar 13 2014: Actually it is based off of simplistic views on the capabilities of the brain, and the observation and knowledge that your perspectives of the environment are subject to manipulation. So it has evidence.
      And has more evidence then a person’s belief in God.
      But yeah I was talking about with this guy on another site. He was pretty convinced that it actually could happen so I posted it here to see if anyone could actually make a good and fact based argument, because I could find none.
      I was also hoping that people would bring up the other types of possibilities such as one similar to the matrix and other such ways that our reality could be an illusion.
      • Mar 16 2014: "Plato's Cave"
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          Mar 16 2014: That is a good one, I really like because it also goes into the perspective of the people who remain in the cave.

          Watching a video on it made me wonder if he meant it as a actual scenario or a metaphor for something else? Because I haven't ever really read what he said in context I don't really know.
  • Mar 12 2014: Yes, Not True. What about Mind ?
    • Mar 12 2014: Nevermind.
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        Mar 13 2014: Well in order for us to have this conversation about reality, it is implied that we have minds. Or do you mean something else about mind?