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Do you think certain dialects or accents are stereotyped as less intelligent and if so does it hinder professional career choices?

As time passes, particularly idiomatic phrases tend to shake the classification of slang and fall by the wayside into the realm of "normal." .For example, the expression "Okay" is a slang term originating in 1840. "Okay has traveled the globe and become "acceptable" vernacular world wide. However, the actress Emma Thompson has spoken out against the use of sloppy language and certain accent dialects
saying that people who did not speak properly made her feel "insane". Do you agree?


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  • Mar 27 2014: I had a pretty thick speach impediment when I was a pup. I had to go to speech therapy in grade school to learn how to speak properly and enunciate. I still stutter and slur when I'm angry or have been drinking. I was always pretty embarrassed about it growing up. I got some sideways looks sometimes and remember feeling like people thought I was stupid. I worked through it though. Emma thompson and her ilk can pretty well kiss my a$$.

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