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What is Humanity?

What makes us human? Is it the struggle of base nature versus elevated reason? Is it a balance between selfish survival and selfless charity towards others? Is it the development of something greater, a soul? Or are we nothing more than aggressive expansionistic creatures of instinct, draped in guise of rationality? Are we no different than any other species, only achieving dominance because we are the current evolutionary best that has yet to be sent into entropy by the Darwinian reaper? What are we, does a duality exist, has humanity been elevated to a greater plane, or are we creatures of nature, that have progressed rapidly due to the advantages we have been give? As Plato stated “know thyself”, what is humanity?

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    May 6 2011: If one's heart cries for any injustice, imbalance, intolerance to humankind and nature that's the Humanity even if one is unable to do anything
  • Apr 29 2011: i believe simply u(or if u prefer i) & only u can do anything
  • Apr 29 2011: no i believe now it changed from live and let others live to just think an hour(or may be a day or more too..) for an good conversational quote and then wait for others to start being human
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    Apr 26 2011: Humanity is a cesspool of talent.
  • Apr 26 2011: what is wisdom and can wisdom be found in DNA?
    what makes human is our wisdom.
    human has soul and animals have it too.
    human has DNA and animals have it too.
    even human have DNA 100% same as ape. still ape has not wisdom.
    just wisdom is special for human.
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      May 6 2011: @ Ahmadi.... I fail to see humanity's wisdom. we are clever, sure. But wise? I think not.
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    Apr 26 2011: It's Socretes my friend not Plato who stated "know thyself"
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      May 6 2011: @ Salim.... Technically, we have no idea what Socrates said except by way of Plato's dialogues (and one other of his pupils). Socrates never wrote anything down, besides for what Plato said that he said, we have no idea who said what.
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    Apr 26 2011: I think humanity is a peak, the culmination of the domino effect of human interaction that shaped us cognitively, socially, and biologically as the creatures we are today. The ontological state we find ourselves in now can be analyzed from many different perspectives, and hence humanity can be defined in several different ways, by analyzing our development through certain modes of thought over time. For instance, we can be defined by our ability to create culture, in our ability to create new technologies, in our ability to solve problems, or our ability to show compassion. In regards to whether or not we are natural, I think that all planes acting on our existence seem to be naturally occurring, though some would often describe certain phenomena that are beyond our comprehension as being spiritual. I think that humanity may be a blend between the two, the focal point around which material nature and the incomprehensible realm of creativity and emotion finds an outlet. Evolutionarily, it might just be that we found out all the tools that other animals couldn't. But does this make us particularly special? Given our position in time and space, we as humans have the most power, the most ability to influence our environment, and (arguably) the most intellect. As individuals, we have the ability to feel emotional connections, follow thought processes, and o reproduce those thoughts in physical reality. So, I think, perhaps maybe just in certain realms of existence or maybe more, we have a great deal of responsibility on this planet. So I think the abilities that we have been given, or have evolved, or have figured out over the course of history should be indicative of the degree of compassion we show for this planet. I mean, since we're stretching our legs in every other aspect of human capacity, might as well let our emotions connect a bit. I think that might be where were at now. What do you think?