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Does Daylight Saving Time (DST) Need To Be Abolished?

Did you know that DST was a tradition started by Benjamin Franklin in 1784 because he was interested in conserving candles and that he's credited with coming up with the idea as a joke?

'After Lena Dunham brings a load of Brooklyn to Saturday Night Live tonight, it'll be time to turn the clocks forward one hour for daylight saving time (not savings), the biggest chronological scam in history. More enlightened states like Arizona and Hawaii have cast off the chains of DST, but NY is still pointlessly tethered to it. We agree that it's great to leave work and still have an hour or two of sunlight, but this country (and NY in particular) doesn't need the antiquated DST system anymore to be able to get that. So due to overwhelming demand, we've revisited and expanded our list of reasons why DST should end forever...'

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    Mar 14 2014: Poch, As I understand it DST was a war time effort to save energy. It was even called War Time. Since we are not at war it is not approperiate. It really does not matter if we use the energy for lights to get dressed or the energy of lights to get ready for bed is a coin toss. The day still has the same amount of minutes

    The only place it really works is Alaska. Since it is light all day and all night this could save big bucks. For the rest of us it is just not worth it. Office hours are still 8 - 5 OR is that 7 - 4.

    Since Arizona does not change are we on MST or PST ... Since we are the same time as California we must be PST and live in MST time zone.

    Who cares I am retired and get up when I wake up .. eat when I'm hungry ... go to bed when sleepy.

    Do you mess with your clock in the PI? I was there in the military and just used Zulu time.

    That is a great question do we set the Zulu time up and down also ... so many questions ......

    See Ya pal. Be well. Bob.
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      Mar 14 2014: Rare time someone makes me interested in history. Great lesson Bob.
      I think DST in P.I. was dumped in 1998. And since you mentioned Zulu, I thought you were citing the small PI island lol. Due to your 'lesson', I even learned that adjusting atomic clock is so complicated:

      '...It was soon recognised that having two types of second with different lengths, namely the UTC second and the SI second used in TAI, was a bad idea. It was thought that it would be better for time signals to maintain a consistent frequency, and that that frequency should match the SI second...' -Wikipedia
  • Mar 13 2014: DST is a barbaric custom that has no function in a 24/7 world. Just pick a standard midnight and stick with it. If some people want to get up with the sun, let them. Likewise, it is well proved that accidents, including fatal accidents spike every time the switch is made to DST and this is not made up for by a dip when the switch to standard time occurs. It is too costly in terms of human life. Only an idiot could favor it in the present day.
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      Mar 13 2014: I wouldn't believe it's 'barbaric' if it I didn't learn it was started in 1784.

      '...it is well proved that accidents, including fatal accidents spike every time the switch is made to DST...'
      Messes up the human body clock doesn't it? Somewhat like the effect of full moons.
      • Mar 13 2014: Indeed, in 1784 it was still considered acceptable to inoculate blankets with smallpox and give them as gifts to the native tribes.
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          Mar 13 2014: Now that isn't just barbaric. That's satanic!
  • Mar 13 2014: completely agree
    as you said rightly it was started not only to save candles but also to give farmers more time to work in daylight as electricity wasnt available thn
    But cancelling it will be lot of rework in software terms in every industry
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      Mar 13 2014: I'm glad we agree Ashish. Thanks.

      'But cancelling it will be lot of rework in software terms in every industry...'
      Sharp insight. But still it could be worth the effort eventually right?
    • Mar 13 2014: It had nothing to do with farmers. It is a purely urban imposition. Farmers DO NOT CARE what a clock says. Farmers work by the sun as much as possible REGARDLESS of what the clock says, and they always have. However, urbanites are too weak-willed and immature to take responsibility for themselves, so they blame "farmers" for a very stupid idea (DST).
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    Apr 7 2014: .
    Abolish it.
    It interferes with our ultra-high accurate photo-bio-clock
    and thus causes lots of problems.
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      Apr 7 2014: I agree Ying! Thanks for your ultra-hi-tech ultra-high accurate photo-bio-clock tip.
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    Mar 23 2014: Here's something sensible about the global clock
    How the quest to prevent train collisions forever changed the global clock.

    'Our internal time, distorted as it is, may dictate a great deal of our lives, but it is external time — the scientific and cultural conventions of timekeeping — that anchors the rhythms of society. One of those most central timekeeping anchors was born on March 19, 1918, when the United States government passed the Standard Time Act — a federal law formalizing the concept of time zones. In this short animation from TED Ed, historian William Heuisler tells the fascinating story of how the railroad revolution led to the establishment of Standard Time, a seemingly simple development the impact of which profoundly shaped our everyday lives:...'
  • Mar 15 2014: I am against it - messes up the body clock twice a year - not worth it.
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      Mar 15 2014: Thanks for agreeing that it messes up the body clock Wayne.
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    Mar 14 2014: I'd be happy if we just left it DST all year round. I go to work in the dark anyway, if we left it all year I could still get home in the daylight in winter and it would stop the problems assosciated with the changeover.
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      Mar 14 2014: Yes Peter. That could be a better option than switching DST on and off.
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    Mar 13 2014: I see that the Philippines has not observed Daylight Savings since 1998, so Mr. Peralta's conversation seems non-sequitur to me.
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    Mar 13 2014: Hi Poch,
    I didn't know the origin of DST, so I did a quick search. It looks like the practice started in ancient times. Benjamin Franklin simply wrote something about it.


    Personally, I like the changes with the seasons, and I'm not attached to the particular time of day/night:>)

    EDIT regarding comment below:
    Bryan Maloney,
    I believe the Wikipedia page I posted says Benjamin Franklin wrote it as a joke. My purpose for posting the Wikipedia page was to confirm that it was not "a tradition started by Benjamin Franklin", as Poch wrote. The practice of changing the time, apparently goes back to ancient times.
    • Mar 13 2014: Did you read his actual essay? Benjamin Franklin wrote a long joke about it (http://www.webexhibits.org/daylightsaving/franklin3.html). Some pertinent quotes:
      "Second. Let the same salutary operation of police be made use of, to prevent our burning candles, that inclined us last winter to be more economical in burning wood; that is, let guards be placed in the shops of the wax and tallow chandlers, and no family be permitted to be supplied with more than one pound of candles per week.
      Third. Let guards also be posted to stop all the coaches, &c. that would pass the streets after sunset, except those of physicians, surgeons, and midwives.
      Fourth. Every morning, as soon as the sun rises, let all the bells in every church be set ringing; and if that is not sufficient?, let cannon be fired in every street, to wake the sluggards effectually, and make them open their eyes to see their true interest. "