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In this day and age, is presentation more important than content?

It's been 80 years of TV and even longer when it comes to advertising.

So much is consumed via screens and it's tempting to take things at face value.

Music is a good example of this: are people too ready to accept the spiel without thinking about the content they are being sold?

This question does not refer only to marketing for products but also political spin and network "news"


Closing Statement from Scott Armstrong

in conclusion, it's pretty obvious that presentation carries a lot of weight, sometimes more weight than the message, product or content.

i also realised that despite the constant hammering on our ears and eyes by the advertisers and spin-doctors out there, people are complex and they are not affected in the way that propagandists may like to think.

i also figure that some people prefer things that way - living in a world of screens where the presented is more attractive than the reality.

i believe that people are far more media-savvy than ever before and that has a huge impact on the way that a message is received. this is the part that the propagandists don't have control over - though, they probably feel that data mining is getting them closer (i don't believe it is beyond generalisations).

cheers to everyone who added their thoughts.

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    Mar 18 2014: In the past content was less available and getting it across to the intended audience was not as hard as it is today. With the developments in media, the internet and so on there's so much content being distributed that the value of skillful presentation is growing steadily. Because now you have hundreds, thousands or even millions worth of content to choose from - and presentation is what gives you the upper hand in getting your content across to the end-user. However this is in no way to say that presentation is of more importance than content; which has a value on its own - but when getting it across is where presentation counts and is of most value.

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