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What are your dreams?

Share your literal dreams that you have had while sleeping, what crazy experiences have you had, who else is dreaming this, what do dreams mean?

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    Apr 16 2014: my dreams are all my fears, but i only have one true fear, and every night i wake up startled and hoping that it hasent happened, or that it is going to happen
  • Mar 31 2014: I believe dreams are the unconscious part of the right brain trying to work through the issues we face every day.

    It is disconnected from the solid world so it relies on stored images searching for answers which can seem very bizarre or scary if we are woke in the middle of a dream but is perfectly normal.

    You dream only in deep REM sleep and unless awoken you will probably never remember most dreams because your brain switches over to the conscious left side once you wake up.

    People with left brain damage may live in a semi-dream state at all times and the solid world we think is reality is more of a mirage to them.

    Many scientists and creative people have said that after days of struggling with some concept the answer came to them in a dream and I have experienced that. I wrote an entire book start to finish in dreams and then put it on paper.
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    Mar 31 2014: very detailed experiences come from my dreams. usually something impossible happens and i usually don't recognize it until i wake up. a friend and i were driving on some country roads, i had to pee really bad so she pulled over for me, i am peeing beside a church when i hear a phone ringing from around the corner, i go to see and the scenery completely changes and i'm face to face with a man and woman who tell me to answer the phone. i don't remember what was said from that point.
  • Mar 19 2014: TED and Dreams ??

    11 October 2013

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    Title: What type of dreams do you often see while sleeping?

    Do you ever had premonition dreams?

    Full Text: Dreams have always facinated me since childhood.I also have experienced premonition dreams which have often come true?

    Some of the dreams I often see are :

    1)In real life I fear heights but in the dreams I fly high as much as the height of the sky scapers, and I love to do so.

    2)I have never been on a aeroplane or helicopter, but in the dreams I often find myself travelling in a two seater and some time four seater plane.I sometimes also travel in the helicopter.

    3) In the dreams I often find myself among the wild animals as if I am in the dense forest.

    4)In the dream I often see earthquakes,vocanoes erupting from the mountain.

    once my younger brother was ironing the clothes early morning at 4:00 AM , due to some fault in the iron he experience electrical shock.But , while at the same time I was sleeping in the another room and was in the dream.In the dream I saw myself trapped in the open electrical wires with live electric current flowing through them.I felt the electric shocks and currents, I felt as it was going in the real world and I thought that now I will die.I felt as if my brain is going to be switched off, but suddenly woke up and the dream was broken.And while that happened I heard the voices from the other room about the electric shock experienced by my younger brother.

    I would love to listen to your experience about dreams and premonition dreams.Kindly share share your experience about dreams.