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We have entered into an age of genethics- ethical issues that arise out of new genetics innovations, that some of the greatest scientists and philosophers alike struggle with. With expanding use of gene therapy in developed countries, we are going beyond the realm of old word possibilities, to the extent that not only are we advancing at a rate that may cure pre-natal genetic anomalies within the next 20-50 years. To what extent should we allow genetic engineering on humans? is it even ethical at all, or should we let everything succumb to "God's plan" or just as nature intended? Perhaps the true beauty of human nature is our ability to advance for the betterment of our species. Or maybe we are too prideful in our abilities, letting hubris be our ultimate downfall. Everything comes with a price.

  • Apr 26 2011: The "God's plan" thing is ridiculous, if you believe in god and think he is all-knowing(past and future) then isn't everything "God's" plan.
    As far as the ethics go I don't really seem to have the issue that popular media does. I mean I really don't think that people are dreaming up Frankenstein. Genetic engineering is going to be essential for feeding the world's population, this is inevitable. I am personally right in line with James Watson on this issue.