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A 5th Dimension

Using Vector Maths, could one describe the path of a "elementary" particle
by adding a 5th dimension. The first three dimensions would be the place:
x, y, z (of course relative). The fourth dimension time, when the particle
was where. And the 5th dimension as the Uncertainty Principle (ΔxΔp>ħ/2 and ΔEΔt>ħ/2), defining where the particle roughly was or will be.
So that in the end there are millions of paths that could be gone
with different certainties.

Do not hesitate to ask for clarification


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    Mar 11 2014: A book you might find interesting to put your work in context is Physicist Lisa Randall's book Warped Passages. She articulates how extra dimensions are built into theoretical models in particle physics. I think eleven dimensions is what many scientists in that field are examining, some dimensions being "rolled up."
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      Mar 11 2014: The 11 dimensions of string theory seem to be quite popular. Thank you for the
      suggestion Fritzie! I'll look for the book and see where the pieces fit together. =D

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