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Should welfare cards be used for cash at Marijuana shops and strip clubs in Colorado?

Making the news in Colorado welfare cards are being used for withdrawals in Marijuana shops and strip clubs.

The Senate State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee voted 3-2 along party lines against a GOP proposal to add marijuana shops to the list of places where recipients of public assistance can’t use their government-issued EBT cards to access cash.

The list already includes casinos, liquor stores and gun shops.


Is recreational use of Pot the intended use of the cards? How about withdrawals at strip clubs where you have already paid a cover charge to get in.

They are already operating an industry which is not allowed under federal law but not enforced. Now using taxpayers money to buy pot and go to strip shows. Are federal funds a part of the state welfare system? Is a investigation in the future by either federal or state agencies? Should it be?

Are these abuses? Should cash withdrawals be alowed at all?

This is not about pot good or bad. The debate is about if this is a abuse of taxpayers money.


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    Mar 18 2014: Interesting question!

    I wonder when the more numerous 'art' in tax deduction for business lunches, upper class company cars, donation receipts, letter-box companies, bail-outs and other forms of write-offs and tax evasion practices will be seen as an 'abuse of taxpayers money' as well.

    Somehow mainly abuse in well-fare gets into the limelight. Is this to keep the shadow on the bigger problems which are usually 'to big to fail?

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