Dingshou Yang

Postgrad student, The University of Sheffield

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English language acquisition

it has been a wide consensus that in China one's English level can be improved by listening to English songs. However, I wanna show my disagreement. Despite the fact it may cultivate one's interests in English, it may not be able to help with one's English learning, especially for academic purposes.

Is there anyone who share the same idea with me?

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    Apr 1 2014: I can't agree with you about one point. Definately, for academic purposes, song's won't help. However, to English learning, listening to songs may help. It helps us know how native speakers use their language. At the same time, we learn new words. It helps our vocabulary, too. Of course, for learning, not all songs cna be chosen.
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    Apr 1 2014: I think how useful listening to English songs would be depends on your taste in music. The lyrics of some songs are difficult even for native speakers of English to understand. In contemporary music words are often spoken quickly, there is a lot of slang, and the instrumental effects sometimes drown out the words.

    If I were to guess I would predict that songs from musicals would be a better resource than the kinds of songs in English that play on the radio.

    If you want to test this out you could try listening to songs on Youtube from the Julie Andrews version of The Sound of Music or Judy Garland singing in The Wizard of Oz and compare that with contemporary music on the radio.
  • Mar 24 2014: Might. You said "may not" so I have to balance it.