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Why isn't there more direct communication between citizens and our elected officials?

The apparently not so original idea I had about a more complete influence of the citizens by means of electronic ballots at our discretion is discussed in this related proposition:


The following question was raised:

"it's something I've been wondering about. The issue I arrive at is how to ensure that there are no cases of hacking into an account, voting on behalf of someone else, etc."
-Dan Notty

This could be totally avoided by having city/state/federal run facilities designed for 24/7 public access and use. They would be guarded and sacred and visiting one would be a privilege of citizenry.

If we could demand a speedy logical and fair response from our elected officials when we as a people unite on an issue we wouldn't have to wait until election time any more to let our voices be heard.

Is there any real reason why this isn't already happening besides cost of construction and legislative semantics?


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    Mar 12 2014: Frankly, because we the people have not made it a requirement to do so. I do not know where you are from ... maybe the USA? If so what state?

    I will use Arizona as an example. John McCain is a good example. I have written to him with no answer ... went to town hall meetings and he gets mad at anyone who questions him ... mega ego ... is all over the map politically ... has not passed any thing to benefit Arizona ... However, it is sometimes better to keep a toad that you know than to elect a new toad that has not yet lined his pockets.

    Politicians only have two goals: 1) Get elected, and 2) Get re-elected. They will say anything and do anything for a ride on the gravy train. All expenses paid .. $250,000 a year ... all of the insider trading, bribes, and kickbacks you can muster .... two terms to a full retirement .... what a racket.

    Look at the last election year promises ... any of them kept ... attempted to keep ... all the other guys fault.

    It is not their fault ... we do not punish them .. hold them accountable ... or vote them out. Until we do look forward to more of the same abuse from the person who works for you.

    Want change vote them out and let the next guy know it can happen to him/her also.

    Be well. Bob.

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