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Are we giving wrong input to ourselves?

I was commuting on an interstate train.the person behind me had a brand new smart phone which he was enjoying its features including games’ never had seen such a new brand .I just looked at the phone and keep on watching its features like a kid.
By watching the cell phone I was giving true information to my subconscious mind with all senses that
1. I love that cell phone
2. I never had such a one
3. I would like to have one
4. I don’t have spare money to buy one
5. I have to buy one
6. I am learning and seeing a new cell phone
7. Watching that gadget itself is a happy moment for me
8. I am jealous on the owner of that cell phone
9. I can’t buy one
10. I am not going to buy one
11. I can feel how happy that man is
12. I can feel how he enjoy with that cell phone
13. I am a loser that I don’t have a stuff like that
14. The next model will be launched within a short time
By actively watching him I was helping my subconscious to make a true perception about myself. By doing this my subconscious will get a true self knowledge which will be needed to guide me on my future decision making and actions positively
On the other hand if I was doing a face off from the cell phone and the user I would have been giving wrong information to my subconscious and thereby all my future decision making would have been affect ted negatively
Because of me facing it off I may be giving wrong information to my subconscious that...

The question Is … Usually I give wrong information by facing off to safe guard my ego or inferior feeling and does a big mistake by training the subconscious with wrong information …if this becomes a habit of our everyday life on every similar situations we will give wrong information to our life navigator thereby landing some

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    Apr 8 2014: well, how could you see him if he was behind you?
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