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Why do we let rich people run the country?

Money doesn't imply intelligence, and lack of money doesn't dismiss critical thought. So why do rich people run our country for the benefit of themselves and not the middle or lower class? I am open to all views on the issue, and hope that we all gain a better understanding.
Clarifying that the discussion is not about socialism.
* also relating to elections, and how they relate to money. The ways we do not see all the possible candidates.


Closing Statement from Chaney Carriker

I already posted a sectioned summary for the discussion so this will be a short closing statement.
Thanks for contributing to the TED experience here on this discussion and sharing your opinions and ideas. I hope to see your comments in future discussions.
Chaney Carriker

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  • Mar 18 2014: Although I am not rich but still I will support the rich people. and The middle or lower class deserves it to be ruled by rich for their flawed concepts of living .

    From where did that rich people come from ?

    If you will do a little research then you will find that they once belonged to the middle or the lower class.

    One thing which is found in middle and lower class is that they think that they are very clever. The concepts which are generally followed in the middle or lower class are :

    1.Taunting : Taunting others when anyone faces with an averse situation in his/her life.Taunting is common in middle and lower class.

    2.Loser : When some one fails in something they he/she constantly reminded as loser.

    3.Comparison : Comparison is very common in middle and lower classes.

    4.Competition : Competition is also very common in middle and lower classes.

    5.Money : The concept of money is totally wrong in the middle and loser classes.For them money is ever thing. And those who have become rich for them money is energy they focus more on value not on money.Money is the byproduct for those who are rich. If I am wrong then you can carry out your own research.

    Those who have become rich they changed themselves as well their understating of the world . And these rich are none other than those who were once taunted,ridiculed of their failures,compared with others,were forced to compete with others but they preferred to compete with themselves.

    Now , when they have become rich than the middle or lower class then why scream and shout.
    • Mar 18 2014: I agree that in order to become rich, a poorer person has to think rich and understand that money is energy and can be created at the whim of a thought. Poor people should never think themselves as being poor, but should believe they are entitled to money and can be rich.

      “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” - Napoleon Hill,

      So perhaps the rich people of this world have thought themselves rich. And good on them. However,if you go back into history and take a look at how the rich, who form today's hierarchies (so rich and politically powerful) became rich, you will find that they stole land, they killed, slaughtered and imprisoned the ordinary people and taxed the peoples homes and incomes. Wealth from taxes, land ownership, etc... did not go back to the people, but was distributed among the broad shouldered creating the rich hierarchy that we still have today as the monies, land etc... have been passed down through the generations. Do you really think the rich and powerful are in their positions because they have shown moral integrity, honesty, love and have a positive relationship with money?. You would be a fool to believe that.

      You may suggest that the working class have loser mentalities, but at least they are not barbaric. And once they discover the secret to richness, they will become rich the right way.
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      Mar 18 2014: You do realize you just gave five descriptions that demean the lower classes, while supporting my view. This is because those five things: taunting, loser, comparison, competition and money are all issues associated with our politicians who are rich.

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