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Presenters under 12-which youth talks are the best?

I have a local elementary school principal that believes his elementary school aged kids (ages 6 to 11ish) could not present at TED or TEDx. Could you share great presentations by kids to help him understand it is possible? (aside from "13 under 20")

  • Mar 15 2014:

    Tell your principal buddy to hit the road, go dig ditches or something. Find somebody that believes in the potential of youth that will try to inspire them.
  • Mar 15 2014: I take it then that this playlist is what you are referring to when you say (aside from 13 under 20)?
  • Mar 15 2014: Here is a great talk by a 13year old boy . I know thats out of your range but i believe he was busy making a lasting difference in his community and country at 12 and didnt get to TED until 13. I am severely disappointed to hear about the principal having so little faith or respect for the children in his school, maybe there's some other profession he should try instead of discouraging and discounting the potential in children. Ill keep an eye out for more talks.
  • Mar 11 2014: Well, to start, it would be very interesting to hear what they have to say!

    I think "no elementary school aged kids" might be an overstatement. I do believe it might take a remarkably confident 6-12 year old to get up and deliver a presentation that would hold the interest of a room full of adults. We see remarkable 6-12 year olds on the world stage in many talent shows these days, so I think it is possible.

    However, there is the "what is best for the child" aspect to this idea. It would be a shame to stifle a young voice by an unpleasant experience in front of a very large audience. Maybe have the presentation taped and then have the child there to hear the applause? I guess it would depend on the child...and the parents.

    When I had a Cub Scout pack, we had children that could easily deliver a remarkable adult level presentation, but some of the same kids were not very mature and would take just as much pleasure being silly in front of a large group.

    Maybe a TED or TEDx where the attendees were also children might be a way to make this work...