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There is an existence out of space in which the milky way galaxy exist. The entire universe exist in a infinite space with existence.

Out of space there exist an infinite existence. There is an existence out of the space that our galaxy exist in. The entire universe exist in a space, out of the space the real existence exist.
life was a process initiated from out of space where the real existence is. we are just a test subject of another mysterious mystery.

  • Mar 24 2014: The universe is a spherical wave of finite mass in an infinity of nothing to impede it's eternal expansion which fuels all action observable to us.
  • Mar 20 2014: The universe exists in an infinity of nothing to impede it's eternal expansion.
  • Mar 20 2014: There exists only 2 things: Mass and absence of Mass.

    Since Mass cannot exist In Absence of Mass{nothing} , Mass also does not exist.

    To better explain as in my previous posts:
    We feel our body {Mass} and hence we know we exist
    We feel this world {Mass} and hence we know world exist
    But the world exist in what?, You can neither prove, nor sense the universe/space

    The advaita philosophy has some explanations for this though.
    • Mar 20 2014: An absence of mass does not exist. There exists only one thing. There exists only mass. And it exists in an infinity of nothing.
      • Mar 21 2014: I agree with you on that Rodrigo Capucho Paulo , Which is the very reason I reject the existence of Vacuum and E=mc2. .

        I believe The universe is filled with minute particles of mass like a chain, but still these mass exists in what? nothing, which technically means nothing exists {Some what related to "Advaita" philosophy"
  • Mar 19 2014: All your comments are welcomed. Lets bring our understanding of the entire universe and outside of the universe for analysis. Looking forward to your great contributions no matter how it may seem bring it here its all welcome. At least an idea is a starting point