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How you will define Corruption? Any strong strategy for elimination of Corruption?

Corruption can be define in many ways, in simple it vary from person to person. I have thought lot about it and have found almost every one (including myself) a corrupt one in any stage. People only define this in a way that they neglect their own corruption and include the corruption done by all other people.

(I am not criticizing any one, but I just want to know your opinion )


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    Mar 18 2014: Corruption results from any thought, comment, or act that benefits one or a group of people; i.e, person, family, business, political party, which is either known or should be known that will unreasonably harm; i.e., mentally, physically, emotionally or financially, an individual or group of individuals.

    Though most likely simplistic to the well educated and well meaning; memorize Christ's words in Matthew 5:3-12, believe them, love them and live by them. The Apostles and early Christians adhered to the teachings of Christ because they knew him personally and saw that he had risen from the dead and disappeared in thin air and then the received the Holy Spirit in the form of tongues of fire as Jesus had promised. Then the Thomas syndrome infiltrated the Christian Church; e.g., Jesus said to Thomas, "have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed."

    We criticize gangs and gang wars, but the whole world is made up of gangs and gang wars; they're just more "civilized and sophisticated" than the street gangs.Christ explained in one sentence how to end corruption; i.e, "be like these little children." I test children all the time to reinforce my belief. Several years ago I was at a meeting in a hotel and a 5 year old was walking down the hall with a bowl of cereal stopping from time to time to take a bite. I said, "young man could I have some of your cheerios,".He looked up at me and didn't say no, but said, "these aren't Cheerios they are Fruit Loops." I believe this is the imagine of God in all of us. That image either grows brighter if we allow grace into our lives or fades to the evils of the world.

    if you are not familiar with Scripture, then watch the Movie, "Forest Gump," and treat everyone as he did in the Movie. "And that's all I have to say about that."

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