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How you will define Corruption? Any strong strategy for elimination of Corruption?

Corruption can be define in many ways, in simple it vary from person to person. I have thought lot about it and have found almost every one (including myself) a corrupt one in any stage. People only define this in a way that they neglect their own corruption and include the corruption done by all other people.

(I am not criticizing any one, but I just want to know your opinion )


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    Mar 11 2014: Kamran, have you noticed that the TED prize winner for 2014 works in precisely this area and will announce her wish at the TED conference in Vancouver next week?

    I believe her presentation will be live-streamed from the site. http://www.ted.com/participate/ted-prize
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      Mar 11 2014: No dear Fritize, actually I am a Student and recently joined this TED Talk.. I will watch this video and hope that I will get more points of solutions..
    • Mar 15 2014: I commented and invited others to come into this conversation to dialogue about the issue…

      Hope many see and join this interchange including Charmian Gooch Anti-corruption activist
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        Mar 16 2014: Here is what I think will happen because of the timing of the TED Prize wish in three days.

        Gooch is already in Vancouver preparing her big presentation. If what happens is similar to what happened last year when Sugata Mitra made his wish, Chris Anderson will follow her presentation by asking of the 1200 people in attendance what they can offer to contribute to make the wish come true. One after another will rise and offer how his/her organization will enter the collaboration to advance the wish.

        The talk will be livestreamed on TED.com but also will be posted soon, I am pretty sure, as talks are for comment from the community that listens to the talks. There will be conversation there, perhaps with Gooch participating if she is not doubly busy from the launch of her wish and setting in motions the collaboration with those who offer to help her. I find it inspiring and energizing to see how the TED community converges around the TED prize wish, thinking about how they, with whatever special resources they or their organizations have, can join forces to launch the wish.

        It is the best example of how a TED talk launches effective collaboration of people with widely different resources to bring to the table.

        Further, this thread is one of the featured threads in TED Conversations, so anyone who comes into TED Conversations will see it right away and join in if she/he chooses.

        The TED prize winner will put forward what people can do who want to be part of action, going beyond conversation. People who hear her talk will choose whether to jump in individually or through their organizations in the undertaking she proposes.
        • Mar 16 2014: Hope that before Gooch makes her big presentation she considers and includes a vital fundamental part related to dealing with corruption stemming from individuals actions. Bluntly put changes the pitch from "unless we all do something about it…" to "what each does contributes to what happens, we each need to do something about this… we each ought to do what each ought to do".
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        • Mar 16 2014: Fritzie,

          Thanks for the link and alerting us about the ted prize winner. Yea from the talk ( http://www.ted.com/talks/charmian_gooch_meet_global_corruption_s_hidden_players ) I agree with you that it's likely she will choose to focus on expose and correct corruption involving natural resources, and based on her past ted talk will likely miss the vital fundamental part of addressing individuals contributions. Hopefully this conversation will reach her in time and help her reconsider certain matters and enrich the wish presentation.

          earlier today I posted a link in (https://www.facebook.com/GlobalWitness ) to this conversation too… so there are multiple ways the message can get there :-) Each ought to do their part… :-)
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        • Mar 16 2014: , edited to remove your name and ask why you deleted your comments...


          I just want to point out that there is a difference between assuming something and pointing something out. I realize that many focus on what is right and wrong for them to do in different situations… and it may be a bit different from what is right and wrong to do in different situations.

          In my life I have noticed that individuals may share a set of beliefs of what is true and right … sometimes finding common ground based on the truth of the matter. Of course sometimes finding the common ground is a bit more of a challenge; especially given the fact some individuals do not want to focus on the truth of the matter. Please notice how I am differentiating between 1- what someone things to be the truth of the matter and 2- what happens to be the truth of the matter.

          I believe that every individual who seeks the truth of the matter arrives at the same realization (sooner or latter). Do notice that this is a bit different from what you said. I also differentiate between those who see things their way and happen to see things as they are and those who see things their way and happen not to see things as they are. It can be frustrating sometimes when people do not accept certain ways especially whey they insist on others accepting certain ways. Kind of contradictory but thats just how the cooky crumbles with some folks.

          I do respect any benevolent faith … in other words I am tolerant of everyone while insisting everyone be tolerant by choice or by force :-). Each can choose to behave appropriately or be guided to behave appropriately, either way each will behave appropriately .

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