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How should teachers prepare their students for technology-integrated clasroom practices?

Hello! We are a group of graduate students from Turkey. Currently we are taking a course on educational technologies in foreign language education. So we look forward to improving our skills in how to integrate technology into language classrooms in pedagogicaly effective ways.

  • Mar 14 2014: LoL,surely teachers should learn themselves at first.This morning I took part in a seminar which was concern about the same question you asked here.Some of teachers said:we should use blogs to record our teachings,write articles...some teachers said:we being teachers,should have creative ideas in teaching...some teachers said:they don't kknow how to use technology to help them teaching...that's really good for us to come to share our teaching sincerely together,we learn from each other,growing together...

    So keep sharing idea,keep doing ,keep improving...
    • Mar 14 2014: I totally agree with you! Sharing is the keyword in teacher development. Last week, one of our topics was technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPCK), which is a comprehensive body of teacher knowledge related to pedagogically supported understanding of learning/teaching and the knowledge of subject matter. During preparing a presentation on the topic, a friend of mine and I just discovered how great a pool of network there is on the Internet that can be quite helpful to raise teachers' TPCK.
      • Mar 17 2014: That's really true.Sharing helps us learning from each other to improve better.Here I like to mention:Last year I planned to have a teaching work which focused on children's heathy relationship.I knew it is too tedious tell children what you should do by talking.So I was thinking to get some more information from internet and using technology to push my teaching.So I started a topic to ask help in TED.I got so many ideas and information websites from that.Especially a friend named:Mary.I used materials she shared in my teaching classes.And I told my students the materials I shared with them which were from a teacher Named:Mary,who is from Amercia.My students did appreciate a lot of that.

        And meanwhile I record my teaching some plot,gonna share with Mary,But it seems I hardly saw Mary in TED coversation,So here I would like to say thank you to Mary and all of friends in TED conversation.

        And Mary,if you really been very busy?or you anything happened?I hope everything is good with you there.Thank you again.
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    Mar 25 2014: Much of what we refer to today as "Technology" is mature and easily within the reach of nearly all teachers. Blogs and social media can have a profound impact of properly used. The good news is that technologies like this are easy to learn and often require little or no budget.
  • Mar 24 2014: Hello, I'm a French student studying English to be secondary teacher and I'm very interested in your research and I started by myself some thinkings about the way to improve and to make my pupils want to learn a foreign language throughout the new technologies.

    Just thinking around on this and the education behind movies, videogames and the internet.

    Please contact me if you find a magic bullet to the matter of learning foreign language.
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    Mar 15 2014: Forgive me if it seems too simple: Learn by doing. If the resources (laptops, tablets, projector screens e.t.c) are there, then start using it.

    Just do it.
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    Mar 15 2014: Just an opinion but the emphasis here should be on the teachers being prepared. The kids may have some bad habits but they will mentor each other and the learning curve will be fast and furious.

    Teachers should be on line with other institutions to see what is happening in integrated classrooms around the world and putting together syllabus and lesson plans that have been shown to be successful.

    At issue is how will the school integrate the IT to block bugs and viruses. Develop protocals, etc ....

    Contact Dell, microsoft, google, etc ... and have them analyze the set up and make suggestions. They spen a lot of money on education .... the worst thing that can happen is that they say no.

    Good luck. Bob.
  • Mar 12 2014: I agree that teachers should be trained on the use of technology. The question is that what do we exactly mean when we say "training on the use of technology"? First, we have to define this training. Most people assume that it is just about how to use the tool in a mechanical sense. We usually ignore the pedagogical aspect of it. Consequently, we have teachers who use technology for the sake of technology, not in a way appropriate for educational purposes. Secondly, are the students really techno-savvy as we assume they are? I believe they still need a lot of guidance
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      Mar 12 2014: If you are one of the graduate students in Turkey who have posed this question together, could you describe the level of experience with technology that the students have who interest you? This will be different in different countries.

      You might be interested in the talk and website associated with Sugata Mitra, last year's TED prize winner. He put a computer into a hole in a wall in a place where children had never had access to such a thing and gave them no instruction.

      If you listen to his talk, you will see what happened.
      • Mar 14 2014: Well, the situation in Turkey is changing in a good way, we can say. Altghough the steps taken aren't really well-planned, and informed ones, there is an urge to integrate technology into education. For example, governemt has a nation-wide project that aims to provide students with tablets. State and especially private universities also attempt to use technology more and more. Also, in many parts of Turkey, many conferences are held on the topic.

        However, there are still serious problems encountered. Students we call 'digital literate' turn out not to be so, not to mention teachers' TPCK, or efforts to integrate technology.

        So since the integration process is a tough one, different ideas and suggestions on how to prepare students, the focal point of the issue, become even more valuable. Thisis is why I wanted to open this debate.

        I attended a talk of Mitra last year in Istanbul. I also think what he did is totally amazing!
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          Mar 14 2014: What I was particularly wondering about was the computer literacy of children, their use of computers outside of school, and so forth. How to prepare kids depends very much on how acquainted they are with technology without extra effort. The same is true for teachers.
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    Mar 12 2014: How should teachers prepare their students for technology-integrated classroom practices? It's the teachers that should be trained first on the use of technology. In many instances, students are more savvy than their teachers when it comes to using technology.