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If capitalism is so evil, why are the most prosperous coutries on earth capitalistic? China's prosperity began when it adopted capitalism.

Socialism produces dependence upon the state and kills individual initiative.
Capitalism(trickle down economics) allows the individual the opportunity to succeed or fail, depending upon his/her talent, drive and opportunity.


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    Apr 27 2011: An aside on the capitalist/socialist controversy.

    Sweden, by most measures is more socialist and has a higher standard of living then the US.

    Ikea, a Swedish company recently opened a plant in the US. Employees there earn an average $8/hr vs $19 in the Swedish factories. Plus they have hired a union-busting firm to assure that the US workers don't unionize as the are in Sweden.

    • Apr 27 2011: Presumably Ikea manufactures where the cost is lowest. So how does it feel to be the country being outsourced TO for once?
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        Apr 27 2011: Feels like we are a country in decline. Seems like Marx's theories on unrestrained capitalism (concentration of wealth and decline in wages) is coming to pass.
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        Apr 27 2011: This is precisely what I was referring to when I talked about the long term consequences of empowering a few to pursue 'self interest' that was not compassionate. Those few are never the ones who bear the consequences of their actionsl What goes around comess around with an extra jolt because people feel justified by historical precidence.
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      Apr 27 2011: Tim, thanks for posting this. I blows me away. So obviously, there is a difference between what people advocate for their own and what they advocate for others. One fact that I found quite interesting is that when the Chinese employ African workers - they pay them exactly the same as they pay their own workers in similar jobs in China.

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