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If capitalism is so evil, why are the most prosperous coutries on earth capitalistic? China's prosperity began when it adopted capitalism.

Socialism produces dependence upon the state and kills individual initiative.
Capitalism(trickle down economics) allows the individual the opportunity to succeed or fail, depending upon his/her talent, drive and opportunity.


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  • Apr 26 2011: Most western countries are pretty much socio-capitalist these days anyways, I think America is the only pure capitalist country left.
    The emphasis should be on America's work ethic and innovation in the past, not just the the economic ideology.

    Also China is still considered to be a communist state.
    • Apr 26 2011: America isn't purely capitalist, all the corporate and social welfare make it not so.
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        Apr 27 2011: its more easy to set up shop in a mall in japan than america
        • Apr 30 2011: Well I guess there are no purely capitalist countries left then. Dare I say GOOD.
          That sort of fundamental capitalism is optimistic but in reality it benefits about 400 people and the majority is better off with at least some sort of social security net i.e. unemployment insurance, universal healthcare etc.
          It worked 30 years ago though, a wide open market attracts big business(the people who benefit from it)and so that used to mean jobs. Now they have the jobs done elsewhere and stick around to exploit such a secure and yet unregulated market. Smart thinking on their part

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