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Who are you? How do you define yourself?

Are you what you do for a living? Are you defined by your beliefs? Do you see yourself only through the lens(e) of your relationships? Is the act of defining ourselves healthy or unhealthy? Does it limit us or does self knowledge empower us?


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    Mar 12 2014: When we are very young babies the most overwhelming sense of oneself is taking us over, like a blissful sail in the sea of new life ...

    Then adults begin to teach us "how" to be a human "person" based on some man-made name.

    I think that there is no creature on this planet that is so ultimately LOST in DEFYING itself, as a human "person".

    Every newborn little bird, cat or dog "knows" who he/she is, recognized by other species instantly, no IDs or names. Every little bird, fish, snake, bug "knows" what to do and how to act as SELF.

    Only humans need some names, IDs, some man-made paterns to follow, think, believe, have some profession etc, which means we try to match to what have been told by others who we are to the rest of our lives. One's sense of Self is "fixed", squeezed into category and tragically suppressed.

    Our human minds are extremely illusive and easily losing the very compass of personal intuition, that very intuition which can be active only within our immediate natural environment.

    It is our human nature that is so different...so easily excited for many wrong reasons, and so easily gets lost.
    Once in while one might scream in the middle of the night "What am I? Where am I?"

    Well, Joshua Bond is different, a true inspiration.

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