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Does a higher level of education increase happiness?

Education can provide a better understanding of the world. Does education and its effects increase likeliness of being happier? I am speaking particularly of standard post-high school education.


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    Mar 18 2014: This may seem counter intuitive, however I think there is a possibility that the opposite may occur more often.

    I am certainly not a leading authority on this, but in my experience I find that the happiest people I know are often NOT well educated. My little theory is quite simple, ignorance is bliss! As long as life is not giving you a rough time it can be nice for some people to keep things simple, do your day job, come home to your humble abode, watch and maybe in speculate on some news, have some food etc and do it all again the next day!

    Of course one mould certainly does not fit all, and to assume simplicity equals happiness would be foolish. But I certainly would not assume that a good education can translate into happiness, at the very best I would assert there may be an indirect link in that the fruits of a good education can help improve ones lot at finding whatever helps to give them happiness...

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