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Should we talk about an Education Reform in the Arab World ? or Not ?

Is our education system in the arab world need a reform , a change ? or not ?
Why and Why not ?
Pros , cons and solutions !

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    Mar 8 2014: We should be able to talk about everything.
    UAE has an excellent education system. I think each Arab nation should adopt a system that works with national peculiarities. There is no one-size-fits-all education system.

    Education doesn't neccessarily mean 'Western Education'.
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      Mar 8 2014: I think that applies to the entire world. every country has its owns culture and attitudes that go into how they want their society shaped. but how important is this to a country undergoing political revolution and should even nations that consider themselves endowed with decent or excellent education systems be on the lookout for improvements. I think one of the major drawbacks of the way education has evolved in the States is it has become overly secularized and moral/ethical development needed to go along with academic was ignored. Is this a problem in the Arabic world or do you have the opposite concern where maybe religious views influence schools a little too much. one of the core principles of western democracy is separation of church and stat but this shouldn't necessarily apply to every culture. also I think there should be some international norms expected of every country in regards to education that is if those nations/regions want to be respected on the world stage. I agree with the sentiment that education doesn't mean "western education"
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    Mar 7 2014: Formation and reformation in every aspect of life is good. To me, reform means progress. Can you imagine if you're attending a university and the curricula haven't changed in 500 years?
  • Mar 9 2014: I am not familiar with the educational system in the arab world. Could you describe it?
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    Mar 8 2014: Hichem, I can only compare from a known. I have chose the PISA Exam. Tunisia is the only Africian country to take the exam scoring 59th in Math, 61st in Science, and 56th in reading. The highest rated "Arab" nation appears to be the UAE ranking 48th in Math, 44th in Science, and 46th in reading. 65 nations participated.

    This does not say that you system is either good or bad it just rates the 15 year olds that tested.

    So here would be a suggestion. See who the top ten nations were. What is their approach to education. How does that compare with what your country does. Is the change possible. What are the rewards ... drawbacks. What are the college entrance requirements for your universities. Does your system prepare them to meet or exceed entrance requirements.

    I cannot say your system needs reform ... however, all systems could be improved.

    So the big question: Why did you ask this? I doubt if it is because your happy with it.

    Be well. Bob.
  • Mar 8 2014: Hi Dear Hichem Ouertani,what do you meant need or no need?what do you think of reform?a change?I think education means to help people to discover selves clearly,as long as every individual can do it sucessful,the society will go we like to have...So I am very agreeable:studying,educaiton means to know who I really am?So does the reform or change follow the orientation?
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    Mar 8 2014: these decision are the decisions that should be made by the people whose lives it will be affecting. but for some perspective i would request a brief explanation of the primary differences in education theory and practices in the arab world as opposed to As example where I am the USA ( which in my opinion is in its own need of education reform byt thats tangentail.) before we can discuss the subject we need a baseline
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    Mar 8 2014: The train of progress chugs along. Some nations ride it, some watch it go by, and the rest are sleeping while the train chugs along.
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    Mar 7 2014: Why do you think that the problem is due to imams Bryan ?
  • Mar 7 2014: Expel the imams, or it will never happen.
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    Mar 7 2014: Yes, you are absolutly right ! but i mean that do we need an urgent reform ? especially - for my case - i'm a tunisian studuent and we all know what Tunisia has lived those years of revolution .. so does that revolution should stay related only to governance ? or even education has the right to an urgent revolution !