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is Koran scientifically a miracle?

performing miracles is in order to give proof of the authenticity of message of God that it proceeds in fact from the Creator of the universe.
A miracle is an act that cannot be performed by the aid of learning and practice.

please look http://www.quranmiracles.com/ and please read and understand at least few of scientific claims or predictions of Koran in this link according to your scientific specialty.

if Koran is a miracle it is standing challenge for all times and places. In other words, it is alive while other miracles are temporary or dead. Hence, the latter might be questioned or doubted but not Muhammad's miracle.
it is claimed by Muslims that Koran has many scientific predictions and has no conflict with valid science and it is impossible an unread man at age of 40 immediately say such things in Koran in the context of Arabia at 1400 years ago.

is Koran the miracle or our era?

if you have problem understanding Koran:


Closing Statement from S. Ahmadi

this topic needed more time but TED admin forced it to be closed in 2 days and then accepted 5 day. so it could not reach a clear final answer.
many subjects about Koran done here and some had a answer and some did not have enough time to be answered specially subjects written in final hours before closing.
not clear conflict between Koran and science could be found in this topic. but it needs more discussion.

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  • Jun 17 2011: I was brought up Jewish and believed many different things which upon becoming an independent minded person I discovered to be untrue (biblical history etc) and as a result I am now a firm atheist.

    I feel SR that you need to look at the Koran without your religious bias getting in the way, as I do now when it comes to Jewish literature and Scripture. Believing that the Koran "predicted" scientific fact is not only unrealistic, but also a good example of how data can be manipulated to fit a cause.

    Other examples of this phenomenon are the bible codes, which allegedly prove that the bible predict events that have happened after it's writing (such as 9/11).
    With such a large book with so many letters, it is highly likely that by using certain mathematical formulae it would be possible to find words and even paragraphs, which allegedly "prove" anything! I refer you back to Richard Dawson's mentioning of the Infinite monkeys/typewriters analogy.

    The fact of the matter is, that using the Koran, you cannot say to any of us that, "X will be discovered in the future (lets say a complete understanding of gravity) and here is paragraph Y that proves it will happen that way". Maybe in the future when we have that knowledge somebody will look back through the Koran to find a paragraph of metaphor that suits the theory, but that will in no way be proof that the Koran explain gravity!

    "By faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that the things which are seen were not made of things which are visible." (Hebrews 11:3)

    This quote here is not proof that the bible predicts atomic structure or the presence of tiny particles, it is simply a metaphor referring to the belief that God created the world (by the word of God) and that God (and indeed his words) are invisible to the normal person!

    I fear that in the future you will see the folly of your beliefs! But you are entitled to them nonetheless!

    Richard D you are a beacon of reason and logic!
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      Jun 17 2011: Thank you Jonny for appreciating me.
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        Jun 18 2011: More than a beacon of reason and logic. You're funny in spots; sage in others; defiantly defiant.... a soldier who goes to battle with words, facts and wits. Hang in there. Truth wins out in the end.
    • Jun 18 2011: Dear Jonny Green,
      "I feel SR that you need to look at the Koran without your religious bias getting in the way"
      I try.

      I do not consider today Bible and Torah original. they are deviated and changed in text.
      I am speaking about Koran.
      if you can disprove Koran is not a miracle please show your argument by rational proof or accepted scientific fact (not hypothesis) and if can not I do not what you mean by saying these comments.
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        Jun 19 2011: You've managed to disprove the Koran many times for us while we just sat back and looked at you struggle to get one verse that predicted anything. It was fun. I especially loved that passage in that first link you sent us where the Koran predicts that atoms are the smallest particle in existence. I guess we built all those particle colliders for nothing.
        • Jun 19 2011: what?!
          when Koran said atom is smallest particle?
          please show that verse.
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        Jun 19 2011: Actually it's just a mistake those idiots at quranmiracles.com made (probably because their science is lousy, but I guess we've already discussed the fact this website is awful so let's move on): http://www.quranmiracles.com/atom-and-subatomic-particles/

        Anyway, please respond to the big thread Richard and I have written about your so called lowest land.
        • J Ali

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          Jun 19 2011: ''Have not those who disbelieve known that the heavens and the earth were joined together as one united piece, then We parted them?'' 21:30

          Big Bang.....

          ''With power did We construct the heaven. Verily, We are Able to extend the vastness of space thereof. ”


          The expanding universe......

          now these are just two scientific statements in the Quran......

          But I just want to say one thing, The Quran is not a book of Science......it is a book of guidance to God......which means it may guide through science or through anything else which may lead to God......

          with that said, there are many verses in the Quran which are scientific and which have been proved by science today......but we cannot just bring up any verse and say it is scientific.....some are on science and some are not, they are more deeper than science.......

          when we mention these verses, we have to explain them clearly from someone who understands arabic very well....because translations are not the most accurate and can sometimes be vague......

          What I recommend for anyone who wants to know the Quran is to read it very well, alone and then see what it is trying to say........

          you can't just bring up lists of so-called inaccuracies in the Quran without explanation and understanding......

          some people just read vague translations and then get the false conclusion that the Quran is scientifically false.......Read the Quran in Arabic...if you can.....there can be no translation of the Quran because then it will be confusing and it will lose meaning........thats why I think commentaries of the Quran in english can be used....but only through thought and contemplation, rationally.....not just assumptions and presumptions.....

          Muslims believe The Quran is a miracle in everything.....not just science.......if you want to read about science then read science books.... If you want to read about why we exist and what our goal is, if you want to be guided read the Quran.....
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        Jun 19 2011: Oh please. That is weak. Do you seriously think that these are seriously credible examples? Also if you want to argue that the holes that we poke are flawed because we can't speak Arabic (I'd like to point out it's holes we poke in what S.R claims is in the Quran rather than our interpretation of it), you're also going to have to concede that you can't derive scientific facts without knowing the Arabic too.

        We know what Muslims believe, but the question isn't "Do Muslims believe the Koran is a scientific miracle" it's "is Koran scientifically a miracle?"
        • J Ali

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          Jun 19 2011: Could they be any clearer.....please?? you are the one who is weak....you want it to be in scientific terms which were made probably a hundred or more years ago.....do you know how old the Quran is?

          1432 years........what do you want it to say??? the earth and heavens i.e. the universe were joined as one united piece.....what else do you want it to say...it's a book for all ages...it wants to simplify it for that time.........again, you are the weak one......

          We are expanding space....again, can it be any clearer?!

          you did not say why they are weak examples,when they are so clear......just tell me why?

          2. I was talking of the Quran as a whole........you can't understand it fully if you just read vague translations...you need a commentary with it too.....and you also cannot read what atheists say of the Quran or what Christians say about the Quran without consulting the Quran itself in Arabic and english commentary if you want.......

          Please, what holes did you poke?? I didn't say I agree with all of what SR was saying.....read my comment...i clearly said that we can't make every verse in the Quran scientific.........most of the old commentators of the Quran never even mentioned most of these scientific verses meaning...probably because they didn't understand them yet or because the Quran wasn't even talking about science at all.........thats what I mean by when I say we as Muslims should not make every verse scientific..and thats what our open minded scholars have said countless numbers of times....only that which is clearly scientific like the two verses I gave you........The Quran, as I said, is a book of Guidance not a book of science...it may have scientific verses....many in fact but not all of the verses talk about science...most talk of a being above all science......God......

          You won't poke anything in the Quran until you read it yourself....and see its actual meaning for yourself......you can't just say it's weak....

          It is a miracle for everyone.

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