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is Koran scientifically a miracle?

performing miracles is in order to give proof of the authenticity of message of God that it proceeds in fact from the Creator of the universe.
A miracle is an act that cannot be performed by the aid of learning and practice.

please look http://www.quranmiracles.com/ and please read and understand at least few of scientific claims or predictions of Koran in this link according to your scientific specialty.

if Koran is a miracle it is standing challenge for all times and places. In other words, it is alive while other miracles are temporary or dead. Hence, the latter might be questioned or doubted but not Muhammad's miracle.
it is claimed by Muslims that Koran has many scientific predictions and has no conflict with valid science and it is impossible an unread man at age of 40 immediately say such things in Koran in the context of Arabia at 1400 years ago.

is Koran the miracle or our era?

if you have problem understanding Koran:


Closing Statement from S. Ahmadi

this topic needed more time but TED admin forced it to be closed in 2 days and then accepted 5 day. so it could not reach a clear final answer.
many subjects about Koran done here and some had a answer and some did not have enough time to be answered specially subjects written in final hours before closing.
not clear conflict between Koran and science could be found in this topic. but it needs more discussion.

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  • Jun 17 2011: I always just stand in awe at these geniuses that invented the big religions, really props to them, this thing is just EVERYWHERE, even on ted.com, outstanding, even when they make no sense and have no basis nor evidence, it's unbelievable, just amazing. I wish i had just 0.1% of their ability to manipulate people I really do

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