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is Koran scientifically a miracle?

performing miracles is in order to give proof of the authenticity of message of God that it proceeds in fact from the Creator of the universe.
A miracle is an act that cannot be performed by the aid of learning and practice.

please look http://www.quranmiracles.com/ and please read and understand at least few of scientific claims or predictions of Koran in this link according to your scientific specialty.

if Koran is a miracle it is standing challenge for all times and places. In other words, it is alive while other miracles are temporary or dead. Hence, the latter might be questioned or doubted but not Muhammad's miracle.
it is claimed by Muslims that Koran has many scientific predictions and has no conflict with valid science and it is impossible an unread man at age of 40 immediately say such things in Koran in the context of Arabia at 1400 years ago.

is Koran the miracle or our era?

if you have problem understanding Koran:


Closing Statement from S. Ahmadi

this topic needed more time but TED admin forced it to be closed in 2 days and then accepted 5 day. so it could not reach a clear final answer.
many subjects about Koran done here and some had a answer and some did not have enough time to be answered specially subjects written in final hours before closing.
not clear conflict between Koran and science could be found in this topic. but it needs more discussion.

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    • May 11 2011: Dear Richard,
      thanks, but my evils are more than my goods.

      some notes:
      1- the age of Aisha marriage is not clear in history and there is many different historical saying about it (6-21 years old at marriage). but the deep researches by many experts using historical signs and facts related to Aisha say the evidences show its age at marriage has been 15 years. the text about this is long and not in English. so I can not explain all of its details here. but if you insist OK I translate all of it for you.

      2- the verse about 2 sunrise and sunset is about two max. and min. of sun set and sunrise in earth during year and do not show clear earth is earth. but considering this and other verses about earth together many facts about earth earth is round will become discovered from Koran.

      "Muhammad is still alive in his grave"
      this is some meaningless. he is alive by his sprite, not by body. so he is alive every where and every time and hear all sayings of all people any where any time. not only him but many other close friends of God who have Big sprite. (they have an holy sprite added to simple sprite of every human as a gift from God)
      saying he is alive not mean he is alive in his grave only. he is alive and can communicate you in different ways, in sleep, in Intuition, by your think or appear in a material body. God allowed ten and they have big power to do any thing in Nature and sprite universe. but we are in life of world and we should be tested and tried here and the are not allowed to manipulate regular life oh world and humans because humans should be tried in a world full of evil and few good and themselves find the way of God by their own wisdom.
      please ask your questions even 40 question. maybe I can reply.
      you are my friend and I am learning from you.
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        • May 12 2011: "but has many changes. "
          ok, show me one of that changes.

          you first should know what is canceled verse.
          God himself told a verse in Koran and in another verse himself said that the previous verse is cancelled and from now you should do this. both verse are in Koran. this not mean change.
          "Mohammed later changed and said Satan had deceived him. "
          this is lie. he never changed any of his saying and Satan had no way to him.

          "Satanic Verses"
          there were many lairs in history of Islam wrote many lie books and commentary of Koran. all commentary of Koran is not valid.
          please say changes of Koran. commentary is not Koran.

          also Uthman is not editor of God. Uthman was had not any right to become successor after messenger but he by cheat and force could get the power and his doings is not valid. messenger said after me Ali (peace on him) should have power.

          if you really want to research of Koran use valid sources not a despiteful invalid website as reference.

          "because there was NOT JUST ONE TEXT"
          No,because there was not just one reading method. only one text existed.

          about that 3 daughter of God they were deities that people prayed them Arabia before Islam and God balm people for praying them in Koran. God never has any boy or Girl.

          Ibn Masud, Uthman,....(14 reading method) are different only in reading method and pronunciation not in text.

          "including complete sentences!"
          this is bog lie. what is that complete sentences? if really exist? why they do show that complete sentences?

          this is not the right way of research and finding truth. you collect lies from Internet and throw them to me. if you really want to learn truth first read Koran and then study and research some about Islam, history of Islam and other aspects of Islam. then all these lies and doubts will become clear for you. there are 500,000 doubt and lie about Islam. do not deny before know well.
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        • May 12 2011: Hi Richard,
          in previous comment I replied claims in that link (muslimhope.com). did you read them?
          please do not copy links. please show only one change by evidence. each claim in the links you copy has detailed reply. but I only wrote a short reply in previous comment. cancelled verse is not change in Koran. already both verse before and after cancellation by God is in Koran.

          you did not show me a change. this is link.
          please show only one change of Koran with evidence.

          about ayah 22:52 I do not see lie in that ayah. please explain where is the lie. if you read it carefully it says God do not let Satan enter in mind of prophet and say to prophet lie revelation and God protect mind of prophet from fake revelation from Satan. if you understand other meaning please explain your proof. please read translate of that ayah from different translate to understand its meaning well. it says Satan hopes to induce fake revelation in mind of prophet but God always block the way of Satan into mind of prophet. I do not know why you always stick to one commentary of Koran. there are many many other commentary of Koran. why you not use others? please learn from mis. lesley she says I read 4 translate of Koran together for months to I could understand Koran:
          understanding Koran (specially about doubts made by sharp enemies of Koran) is not so easy.

          about the link usc.edu ... it is translate of Surah 22: and I do not understand your meaning of coping this link. please explain what is your meaning. it is lie? it is change? please explain clear what is the change or lie. I do not see any lie or change there.
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        • May 15 2011: Dear Richard,
          first the website is not valid at all and it is clear it is despiteful.
          please use valid references.

          I looked the partial list ...
          there is many many problems.
          yes there are many sayings during history of Islam. but you should know in some special dates during history of Islam a large amount of fake sating was distributed in Muslims (for political reasons). for example some empires wanted to get power and wanted to legitimize themselves using fake sayings from prophet and many other kinds of fake sayings of prophet. you should know Islam had and has many enemies in past and now and future and there is a mix of true sayings and fake sayings of prophet in books. many researchers during history tried to recognize fake and true sayings by many methods and now most of fake and true sayings is known but still old books containing fake sayings exist in libraries. and despiteful still use those fake sayings to keep people far from Islam and people do not know truth about Islam. if you really want to learn truth about Islam and Koran you should first know which reverence books are valid and which are mixed with fake sayings then study only valid books.
          prophet said:
          if you heard ay saying from me, first match if by Koran and if had conflict with Koran hit it on wall.

          about Lost sura of the valley of gold, this is first time I hear such thing. but I know Abu Musa al-Ash’ari who said this. he is well known as a stupid man and was a credulous man who always was a fantoccini in evil politicians who wanted to get power.

          I not consider this a valid website and not worth to reply. the reply is that it is not valid reference. but if you insist OK, please select one of them to I reply. it is a collection of doubts and fake sayings and reply of all is very long.
        • May 15 2011: "If an exact copy of the Quran is kept in Heaven, ..."

          first who said this?

          Koran has many levels of meaning all levels are the same with no conflict and each deeper level is more detailed than the previous level. the final and most deeper and most detailed level is kept in a special table called "protected table" near God:
          but this not means the Koran we have is not original. the Koran we have is compact and abstract and every human according to level of clearing his heart can access to deeper level of Koran by teaching of God. as you make your heart cleaner God let you reach and understand deeper levels of Koran.
          the Koran we have is under special protect of God and God do not let any one change Koran:
          the versions you say all is about reading method and not about text. please do not believe any thing any website say.
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        • May 17 2011: Hello Iqbal,
          Islam does not fear Laughter.
          Laughter by loud voice is a evil deed in Koran and Muslims try to smile instead of Laughter.
          do you know what is the end of such people?
          this is because they did evil and entered a way that has no good end.

          doing evils>deny signs of God>Laughter>return to God>despair>no help from world friends>separation from partners

          and good people are in Paradise.
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        • May 17 2011: yes God has Koran protected in Loh:

          I mean it is not hide from people.
          Iqbal say keeping in personal library in a form that or means God do not show Koran to any one. the Koran in Loh is the same as Koran we have. it means God protects Koran and does not any one change it. and do not mean humans have no way to read and understand Koran.
          if I asked who said that? I mean who said that Koran is protected and hided from reading by people?
          Koran is available and all are free to read and understand it as much as they can. any human if read Koran until his life finish still Koran has new knowledge for him. Koran is an unlimited ocean of knowledge and no one could reach its end.

          "Now are you saying you can have several versions and they are all ok?"
          dear friend please read my comments exact.
          there is only one Koran in text available in hand of people.
          but there are many many levels of understanding of Koran. the levels I say means understanding levels. not text levels.
          it means if you purify your heart from evil thinks/morals/deeds God teaches you deeper meaning from the same text of Koran.

          "Is that why Muhammad said to learn the Quran from him?"
          when Muhammad said such thing?
          please explain.
          he was a good man in apparent. but he was credulous.
          he was good in many aspects but he was powerful in politics at all and when he was in some important political positions his credulousness made many harms to real Islam and caused some sharp politicians who did not know God and only wanted power and world and money and had greed could get power using his credulous in political position.

          learning Koran from a credulous man in politics has no problem. he was a good teacher and not a good politician.
          also if prophet say some thing about some one it is for that time and not necessarily for all time.

          human change at seeing money and power.
          Greed is by Satan!
        • May 17 2011: do you consider J. W. Bush a good politician?
          may be he is good in many other areas for example teaching or fishing.

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