Mike Colera


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Urbanization is the end of us all,

In our history, there have been... a half dozen?.... major exinctions where massive numbers of life forms have disappeared. We can expect a massive extinction to reoccur and much has been written about these possibilities. We talk about major changes in global clmate, strikes by asteroids, global shifts in the earth's magnetic poles, war, pestulence and plagues.
I add one more... Urbanization.
Great numbers of people in relatively small areas.
The possitives for this is relatively vague, and not really quantified or defined.
The fatality of this is as really obvious as it is really ignorred.
We know that urban areas create heat sinks that raise local temperatures effecting normal weather patterns.
We can prove that crowding people together in large groups tends to expose more aggresion and creates stress.
We can demonstrate the environmental impact of urban areas on resources such as water and waste disposal.
We can show the use of energy raising expotentially as the population grows arithmatically.
We find from history that great wars started from urban areas... It wasn't Agda in the great Punic wars, it was Rome.

So, as we soulfully listen to the TED talks on great things coming in Urbaniztion, New ways to live on the 100th floor of another skyscraper, I fear we are listening to the expansion of our human cultural bubble and the burst is not that far away.