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Dieting is different than maintaining a diet.

I disagree on a lot of what Mrs. Aamodt said. Yes dieting is bad but not for the reason she stated. As a Sergeant in the New Jersey National Guard I guide my soldiers on how to stay fit and up to standard. I also used to work as a manager for personal training. Yes if you loose weight too fast you will only regain it back. The body is not accustomed to dealing with significant weight-loss. But in order to lose wait you must understand the science behind it. Being in control of your diet is half the battle the other half is building up muscle. Fat by definition is stored energy, the hypothalamus may be the thermostat but the stomach is the energy distributor. If you want to loose weight all you need to do is stop the body from being in control, this includes the thermostat Mrs. Aamodt speaks about. How you do this is by understanding the signals your body gives off when you challenge it's "normal lifestyle". As a soldier I can tell you from personal experience that the body adapts to any situation rather quickly, whether it be boots on ground overseas or having 4-6 meals a day. Rest assure this is not a diet. However for easy understanding I'll call it the "Sgt's Half Diet". Rather than changing your eating style you will only change it just a little. If you take your normal food intake and when it's on your plate you cut it half and put in a topaware container and save it for two hours later. Suddenly your 2-3 meals just turned to 4-6 therby increasing your metabolism. Follow this simple eating style for two weeks and then begin the second part of the succes plan. Excersice, is extremely important but knowing what to do is even more important. Cardio is NOT what you should be considering as excersice but a warm up. Stregnth training is what will build muscle and the more muscle you have the more stored energy you will need to have available. This equation will result in you losing weight and keeping it off.

  • Mar 20 2014: I was 233 pounds and lost 66 in 10 months due to diet but then I dint maintain it and in 4 years I am now back to 233 pounds.
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    Mar 9 2014: sorry, William, I ought to have said that on a day when I drink cream, I drink a little less skim milk. But I still have a great deal of skim milk every day.

    Your idea sounds excellent to me, of dividing the meal into half and eating half later. I think that would help people to not feel so crazy to eat, they see a whole plate in front of them and they want to chow down, throw it in. For me, solid food makes me feel physically bad, so I don't eat it. I believe the fluid milk products are easier on the body to process and use. I am trying to interest the medical community here in approving my diet as a safe, healthy diet for human beings in general. I also have an impression that my diet could help sick people, such as those with cancer and AIDS, so I am trying to interest the medical community in testing it to see if it would help.
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    Mar 9 2014: Thanks, William. What prompted you to post this plan here, do you have some special feeling for the TED community?

    I've been following an interesting diet now for five years. Basically I am living only on skim milk and cream. The vast majority of days I drink about two gallons of cow's skim milk. Some days I will drink a little bit of pure cream, which I buy in separate containers and drink separately. The diet has been tremendous for my health. It has helped eliminate pain from my body, and helped immensely with my weight. I am about six feet, one inch tall. On this diet I maintain very easily and comfortably at 167 pounds, close to the middle of normal on the BMI for my height.

    I got the idea from the Masai tribe of Kenya, who are famous for living only on products from their cows, milk and beef. But a Masai man never drinks milk and eats beef on the same day, as the Masai say, "If a man drinks milk and eats beef on the same day, he is a glutton." Thus every day I choose between milk and beef, but I find I always choose milk as it is very refreshing.