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A new form of mental illness has developed that is contagious.

There is a word for what online troll/bullies do, schadenfreude, which means taking pleasure from the misfortune of others. With trolls this is a self-perpetuating cycle where one troll creates misfortune and the others feed on it, they in turn create more misfortune and others feed off that. It really is a state of mental illness that feed off and reinforces the same condition in others. Only with social media and the internet does such a contagious form of mental illness proliferate.

  • Mar 4 2014: I have no cure for sociopathy, I do know the online problem can be addressed by therapy and restriction of online access. Making the use of anonymity online for malicious purposes a crime should also help to stop it.
  • Mar 4 2014: Do you have solution that is practical and implementable. Putin bullying Ukraine, US bullying Iran, Israel bullying Palestinians., f
    And then in our elections bullying goes on with admiring approval from the suporters.

    Then mother says to a son or daughter not to come home and complain and fix the wagon to person making mischief.

    Prolem is that these things are so entrenched in afree society nd there are not many solutions. If you have solutions it will be nice to learn. Please do favor.