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March 14th, 12:30 to 3:30 pm we protest at the Texas State Capital

Come with me on March 14th to the Capital and Congress Ave. Protest with me. Hold a sign with me. How can a state that champions itself as the last place in America that allows FREE MARKET CAPITALISM keep TESLA from being TESLA? How can our state legislature allow itself to be bought off by the Texas Automobile Dealers Association? We are now at risk of losing a 6,500 employee battery factory TESLA wants to build. We must pressure Rick Perry our Governor and the TEXAS State Legislature to change this draconian law!!! We must let TESLA and the PEOPLE of TEXAS prevail! WE MUST FIGHT!!! We won at San Jacinto, we must win again! Come with me!

  • Mar 14 2014: So, how'd it go?
  • Mar 6 2014: If a government has been bought off by any entity, IT IS NOT FREE MARKET CAPITALISM!
    In a free market state, government is ABOVE AND OUTSIDE of ANY producer, ANY interest group, ANY industry advocate. The minute it is co-opted by any of them, it is NO LONGER FREE MARKET CAPITALISM.

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    Mar 4 2014: We here in the North West truly hopes Texas screws up the whole deal. We'd welcome their factory and the increased prosperity it could bring here. Charge on Rick. Modern technology and innovation has no place in Texas.