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I agree with Jay that there´s a worldwide English mania

I agree with Jay that there´s a worldwide English mania but I can´t believe that the way how people learn English in China is as terrible as he explain.
Maybe, there´re some schools which teach English like that but I know people who are learning English in China at the same way as we usually do it in Europe.
Personally, I think we need a commun language to communicate each other in international business and English can be the best language to work together.
In Spain if you know to speak English you can have more opportunities in finding a better job so I feel very strongly that we should to improve our English level. I am on that.

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    Mar 4 2014: Inda I totally agree with you: we need a common language and English is easy enough to be the best candidate. However, I sitll do not understand why some nationalities are almost bilingual (i.e. all scandinavian countries) and in the other hand in some countries people who can speak English as second language are a minority (i.e. italy for example, where I do come from). Is that related to the school system? Should countries make more effort to teach English to everyone?