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How is the life of Arab youth in US and another European countries ?

As u know a lot of Arabs live in US and Uerope , I guess it's challenging espicially for Muslims to be joined in different societies and I will be really thankfull for any INFO about it.


Closing Statement from bassil ahmad

it was very helpful thanks to all of you .

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    Mar 27 2014: integrating into any society whether eastern, western, middle eastern has it's challenges due to upbringings different cultural mindsets, people have their ways of understanding
    like for instance how in Islam devout Muslims should cherish the concept of jihad
    which most westerners would find appalling or just down right insane
    or maybe the carpet bombing of American fighter jets and drones which is all in the name of Freedom
    is not seen that way by the innocent people whose lives have to pay the price
    in no way should anyone kill an innocent soul but it happens everyday and will continue so until the end of time
    when uneducated radical scholars give false fatwa which has nothing to do with the Sunnah but it is to do with his desires and enmity towards foreign policies, it wont effect him as much as it does the Ummah
    same thing goes for the hardcore right-wing conservatives who behind the freedom of speech act preach hatred and slander the name of Islam which doesn't bring problems upon himself but rather the innocent
    it's a shame that all the evil actions of the evil person tends to afflict the innocent

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