• Mar 17 2014: History
    why does a majority of the worlds population Hate America but love their currency ?

    Let's look at the "Hate America" first ---
    From what I can find out, everything anyone does is recorded with the NSA.

    The rest of the world's peoples are sick and tired of Americans allowing their
    Elected Leaders to wage preemptive wars upon other nation's shores, and when
    not doing that, to spy and use surveillance equipment to pirate their telephone
    conversations and computer e-mails.
    Today I was looking for a free open source operating system that might allow me
    to avoid the damned NSA sneak-a-peek Pirates.

    I came across a free open source project. It looked really good.
    I kept reading --- and this popped up.
    "Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is a project to implement mandatory access
    control under Linux. This project was initially developed by the National Security Agency
    (NSA), as a reference implementation."

    WoW !!!.. I guess that is out...
    The strange thing is that American's who vote, are swayed to and fro by the Well Paid
    Media, and in the end, they elect and re-elect the selections provided to them by the
    2 political party's leadership many years beforehand, and from behind closed doors.

    Interesting to note that Corporate Big Oil also makes it's decisions up to 50 years in
    advance of profit taking. One of the Big Oil CEO's mentioned that fact, and that they
    sometimes dealt with up to 8 different administrations between start and finish of a
    project. This was done before Senator Steven's Committee several years ago.
    Remember his Alaska bridge to nowhere?

    Republicans and Democrats represent the 2 political forces running our nation.
    They surely must plan ahead also.
    Let's look at the "Love their currency" --

    Washington DC never goes broke. They have far too many Lawyers from Universities
    rushing to the capital with diplomas in hand, and skullduggery in mind.
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    Mar 13 2014: Millions of people say "these things" everyday:

    - "I'm miserable. It's my neighbor's fault. I hate my neighbor."
    - "My country is miserable. It's America's fault. I hate America."
    - "My country is in trouble. America is meddling in our affairs. I hate America"
    - "My country is in trouble. America doesn't help. I hate America."
    - "Our neighbor invaded us. Why are not the Americans helping? I hate Americans!"

    Americans have to pay more taxes because they have to police the world, they have to give aid to this country and that country.

    Look at Bill and Melinda Gates. Are there any other non-American private citizens doing what the Gates are doing?

    Whose ciitzens are the most involved when a calamity or disaster strikes a country?

    Some people accuse America of being hypocrite. Who is more hypocrite, America who is helping or the countries receiving aid and enjoying trade and still hates America?

    Harun, the reason why you're able to join this converstation is because of the Internet invented by Americans. The last time I checked my data, the U.S.A. is one of the biggest trading partners of Kenya.

    Go figure, my friend!

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      Mar 14 2014: I think there's more to it then that my gd friend... if you take good look at some of America's policies
      like health care for instance and that injustice is within the country and you take a look at some of the illegal acts it's committed against it's own allies....
      BTW I'm not having a go at all American's rather the pricks who draw attention to them whilst they sit comfortably behind a desk in a highly secured compound
      It's heroes like Edward Snowden who wipe the dirt off America's well known name.........
      it's not America and it's people rather the government and their followers that tend to give other nations the wrong idea about America
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    Mar 15 2014: It is envy; envy that sometimes turn to hatred.
    America or Americans is/are not perfect; just like the rest of us. We should not equate wealth and influence with evil and take weakness and poverty as virtue.

    Those who hate America would jump at the slightest opportunity to be America. The love of America's dollar, as you pointed out, is a clear indicator that we all want something (even if our desire is pursued with varying degree of desperation).

    If you can hate someone and love his/her money, that tells me a lot about you.
  • Mar 8 2014: America, the land of the free, is an easy target. If you live in a country without free speech and you want to speak out against a country then America is that easy target. And you think it makes you look good in front of your wife, your daughters, your mother, your sisters, and other females. Men that live without free speech feel stupid and embarrased in front of their women.
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      Mar 9 2014: Rodrigo you've lost me mate...
      the usd is the most used currency in the world
      people love the USD but almost all the countries that trade with it seem
      to hate American's
      • Mar 9 2014: Such as?
      • Mar 10 2014: So, instead of a list of countries that trade with America and SEEM to hate Americans, narrow it down to a list of countries that trade with America and ACTUALLY hate America then give me the top of the list, please. I like Barack Obama. I hope this isn't a personal attack on him.
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          Mar 10 2014: lol you've got joke....
          Saudi for instants love USD hate Americans
          Somalia in love with the dollar but if the opportunity came about would most
          probably eat an American for lunch
          Vietnam U.S Goods exports totaled $4.6 billion 2012 im surprised the VIETS haven't tried anything funny cause they truly hate Americans
          I could go on forever but I think you get it.;
          BTW I think Barack O is half decent compared to the swine who nearly lead America to her enilation......
      • Mar 10 2014: Men that live without free speech feel stupid and embarrased in front of their women.
  • Mar 6 2014: Hypocrisy and greed, of course.
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    Mar 5 2014: Harun, I am American. I have traveled around the globe and have made many observations about American and people from other countries.

    First. I like to see the city on a tour. That gives me a sense of direction and I can select spots I want to return to and enjoy at my own sweet time. However, I also like to go outside of the big city and meet the people. If I went to Nairobi I would see "performers" and a modern city who would all tolerate me and expect me to pay many time the worth of simple items and probally not even original.

    I would leave Nairobi and see the great game reserves .. visit Mombasa and Malindi ... learn of and meet the Swahili, Maasai, and Mau-Mau .. Learn of the slave trade by the Arabs, Omani, Zanzibars, and British Abolitionists ... Vist museums and learn of the great Swahili Sultans that welcomed the representatives of the Ming Dynasty and the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama.

    In this manner I can begin to know the people enjoy and understand the culture and lore that makes Kenya.

    The people of the countryside are real and honest ... they accept me for who I am and I accept them as they are. At that point I stop being a American but a person.

    By almost all standards all Americans are rich compared to most of the world. The rich tourists want things their way and are demanding and very arrogant ... however, the lure of money overcomes much and people bow to their wishes. It is sad that they would leave your country and never know or understand the people.

    I have met good and bad people in every country ... I have been accepted and rejected .... I always try to study the culture and customs in order to show respect wherever I visit .... it is generally accepted and appreciated.

    I have also observed that all tourists are treated with distain and their money is welcome .... It is not all directed toward America.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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    Mar 4 2014: To a large extent, America's culture is like a bull in a china shop. Over the last three generations, much of the world has watched its own time-honored culture usurped by America's, flashy, irrepressible one. That has to be the source of much resentment. America's culture has been an unwelcome change in most of the world.

    In the same way, America's currency has become the de facto standard for the world. Unlike our culture, however, our currency is an anchor of stability that the world likewise welcomes.
  • Mar 3 2014: The hate us because:
    Americans are arrogant, egotistical, self-centered, jingoistic dolts. There is actually very little to like about us, other then our generosity when disaster strikes and our willingness to stick up for our friends in a fight.

    They like our currency because:
    We were the only nation to escape WWII largely unscathed, (and a century of economic upheaval had convinced people that gold was a bad standard for money exchange) the Brinton Woods agreement between the global financial powers selected the US Dollar as the common reserve currency.