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So, what is the change you want?

Is there anything in this world, you would like to change?
Are you going for it, or are you just complaining about it?

Thanks to greg dahlen, for this question.

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    Mar 4 2014: I would like to change education to be about learning to think rather than learning to throw footballs and protecting teacher entitlements.

    I would like to help teach the public that you can't have social freedom without economic freedom.

    I would like to help teach the public to trust and respect science.

    I would like to help teach the public that religion and science do not conflict.

    I go about these things by participating in thoughtful online forums such as TED.
    • Mar 4 2014: Thank you Lawren for sharing your thoughts, interesting ideas you have.
  • Mar 5 2014: Hi Dear Martin,I think now if anything I want to change,that's me myself I want to change.Because I think just only I can change myself,then all things I want them to be changed might could be happened.Sometimes I really found it is the most difficult to change myself,but I would like myself to be conscious so.
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    Mar 15 2014: I would love African governments to do more to end environmental degradation. I'm not happy with the oil spills in the Niger Delta; Rhino poaching in South Africa breaks my heart; I wish we can stop depleting forest resources in West Africa.

    I wish we would treat our environment like a treasured lover.
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    Mar 14 2014: Many gifted children in the world have no access to good nutrition, healthcare, and education. Working togther, we can change that.
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    Mar 11 2014: .
    To change pursuing invalid happiness into valid one.
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    Mar 9 2014: I want everyone to be equal from the day they were born. Everyone is offered opportunity to climb up the ladder,which if he or she work hard will achieve his or her goal. Not the few with special privilege,while others' lives are doomed with no way to answer their dream.