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There is only spin.

Energy moves at the speed of light and never slows. For us to experience it, it has to hang around. To keep moving and stay local it has to curve, This is the beginning of spin. It is also the beginning of angular momentum. Thus matter, mass, density etc., is an illusion of solidity created by semi-stable symmetric angular momentum events. There is only energy and we can only experience it as spin.

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    Mar 2 2014: Yes, it is all spin, energy which is spinning in-formation (ie: in the process of being formed) - and the resultant form is dependent on our consciousness, both individually as we personally experience life, and collectively (wars, scarcity, etc)
    • Mar 2 2014: Yes, I wondered if anyone would chime in with another meaning of spin.
  • Mar 26 2014: Yes, and it is composed of alternating electric and magnetic fields which have a net rotation about the axis of the direction of travel. That rotation can be clock-wise or counter-clock-wise.
  • Mar 26 2014: Light is energy moving in straight line isnt it?
  • Mar 9 2014: Your family must have been fun. Won't go into Quantum Consciousness here, but love that kind of speculation.
  • Mar 5 2014: For biology it is of course the energy stored in various modes of angular momentum that allows biologic systems to function.
    Some modes of string theory actually define the strings as loops..! Move a loop in a new direction and you get some kind of spiral. Numerous string architectures and complexes of architectures will give us subatomic particles with various combinations of charge, spin and angular momentum(mass).
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      • Mar 6 2014: Hey Brenden
        Sorry that some of my replies got out of order, its confused things a bit.
        My background is biochemistry, not quantum physics. I just enjoy imperical speculation.
        Seems to me the path to a unified theory will be through a simplification, some root that the rest can evolve from. Seems like throwing incredible energies at a tiny target is going to create complex and unstable forms that also reflect fundamental origins, but generally have little to do with the normal order of things.
  • Mar 2 2014: The Higg's field is conjectured to provide a mechanism for the generation of mass. Spin explains mass as angular momentum. Fields permeating space are not precluded in "spin theory", however they won't be found until they interact, i.e. spin.
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    JB E

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    Mar 2 2014: How does the Higgs field work in this statement?
  • Mar 1 2014: There is only spin, but there are many spins all interacting to make everything that is.
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    Mar 1 2014: If the universe was a spin how come there were uneven pockets of energy that gave way to making stars and things like that, if the universe was a spin it'd have to be even all over and science today states that some parts of the universe are more dense than others.
  • Mar 1 2014: Perhaps in the beginning there were space/time distortion events that were linear. As soon as two came into proximity, they would curve toward each other in some symmetry according to their relative intensities.

    Anyone who wanted to, but if your refering to the origins of the universe; Current theory holds that, in the begining there was neither time nor space. Someone, (if you will), distorted nothingness, like pulling on a rubberband that did not exist before it was pulled, existed only because it was pulled and then there was space, time, light, rippling out from nothingness, like a rock in a still pond of nothingness.

    Why? Why do you think? Perhaps this is how someone beyond time and space ponders...
    • Mar 2 2014: One question I have and I am curious to know that.

      Scientists also make some assumptions, as you have said that in the beginning there space/time distortion events. And you have also said in your post above that everything is energy.

      The Spiritual People also talk about energy.

      Now, the question is why do the scientist reject the views of Spiritual People and stress that the scientists view are authentic.

      Whereas both are making just assumptions. So, how come one assumption is better than the other.
      • Mar 3 2014: A scientist observes, finds patterns, forms a hypothesis to explain the pattern: then tests the hypothesis. If the tests confirm the hypothesis, there's a warm and fuzzy feeling, that we better understand our world and can better predict, what will come and what to do about it.
        Spiritual people also search and acheive that warm and fuzzy feeling; but how is a scientist to measure and test so as to fit this into their evolving architecture of understanding? Quantum physics, astrophysics, neurology, and spiritual intuation will all merge one day. Some already touch the fringes of this perception, but we as a world culture have a ways to go yet.
      • Mar 26 2014: Agree with you on that. I am also of the opinion that science should include spirituality in them ;). The beginning is very much given in the rig veda as:

        Then even nothingness was not, nor existence,
        There was no air then, nor the heavens beyond it.
        What covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping
        Was there then cosmic water, in depths unfathomed?
        But, after all, who knows, and who can say
        Whence it all came, and how creation happened?
        the gods themselves are later than creation,
        so who knows truly whence it has arisen?
        Whence all creation had its origin,
        he, whether he fashioned it or whether he did not,
        he, who surveys it all from highest heaven,
        he knows - or maybe even he does not know.
  • Mar 1 2014: Everything is energy , and mass matter density are illusion.

    When did the spin began?
    Who started it?
    Why was it started?

    Now,don't say that my questions are irrelevant.
  • Feb 28 2014: Well, Spiral movement means partial linear and partial angular momentum.
    As to the 4 fundamental forces, still working. Maybe someone can help there...
  • Feb 28 2014: So, why do some forms of energy "stay local" (which I assumes to mean slower than the speed of light) such as quarks that from protons and neutrons (and anti-protons).

    Does this view of matter help explain the 4 fundamental forces?
    • Mar 1 2014: Ok, the 4 fundamental forces. Consider that the 4 forces are generally viewed on different scales. space/time distortion events on the scale of a neutron would have to be extremely intense, to interact so as to curve around each other on so small a scale. Thus protons and neutrons in the nucleus, (if they do in fact retain their identity in the nucleus, like some dynamic crystal structure), would interact with the most powerful force, the strong nulear force. If an interaction occurs at a slightly greater distance, with the nucleus as a whole rather than actually contacting nuclear protons etc., the force would be dramatically weaker, (the weak nuclear force), much as gravity operating at vast distances is much weaker still. We know the most about electromagnetism. Light is an alternation of electric and magnetic fields which spirals, (clockwise or counterclockwise), while traveling with an energy which is weaker as the wavelength is longer. We get light from interaction with the electrons traveling around the nucleus of atoms and much more powerful events from interacting with the nucleus itself. Its all consistant.
      • Mar 2 2014: Can Magnetic field be created with Direct Current ?
        • Mar 2 2014: Any moving charge will generate a magnetic field. Visualize an electron moving in the direction of a person's right hand thumb. A magnetic field will form in the direction of that hand's curling fingers.
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    Feb 28 2014: Great!!!