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What you think the internet will become in the next 5 years?

I think the next future will be improve the way people can find out ,more easily, information on the web, focusing on new research methods, including devices that could help anyone to connect.

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    Mar 4 2014: Many of us cannot live normally without the internet anymore. It has become so necessary in education, research, and business.

    Five years from now, the internet will be much bigger and more useful for many of us. I worry about security though.
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    Mar 4 2014: Dateline March 4 2020: The last telephone lines have been removed in the North America. All telecom is now done by perma-drones, LEO satellites or Hi-capacity cellular. It is amazing to think that in only 50 years, what was once called the internet grew from a few colleges and military nodes to connecting every adult human in most of the world. The Web as we have come to call it, though that term once referred to a limited set of codes which allowed visual and interactive communications, has grown to absorb the entire spectrum of human communication and data dispersal. It is fun to imagine what another 50 years will bring. I guess I'll have to wait. I'm 40 now and will be middle aged then. I hope I can keep up and not be a neo-Luddite who fell behind.
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    Mar 3 2014: Edoardo, Five years may be a short look. Just using my imagination ... NSA has shown us that we are all being invaded on a world scale .... Facebook has shown us that we devulge WAY to much information .... employers have shown us that we are being held accountable for our words and thoughts that we broadcast .... we have see that not having to face someone that bullying and harassing is easy and less accountable.

    So how do we see how these events will influence the future. The controls will be more ridgid .... banks, corporations, and firms will go to internal operations and only non linked computers will have internet ... social networks will thrive as the facebook / linkdin / etc ... has provided a market ... they will become a pay for use market. I see the porn market expanding associated with dating sites ....

    One world wide web will be a thing of the past ... I see many world wide webs ... the selling point to join will be security. cyber crime will be the largest crime.

    Where we see the "bomb" as being the big threat ... the big weapon of the future is EMT ... disrupt and destroy the communications and electronics and you win.

    Just some thoughts .... Bob.
  • Mar 2 2014: Hi Dear edoardo,I think the next five years of internet is getting the most convenient for people to connect to each other,I totally agree with you.And another thing the security of the internet will be the big problem for people to handle.Include mental and pyschological proglems for us to handle...
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      Mar 2 2014: I agree, that s way we should start to change the way internet is going to, inventing new systems that give people more security on everything.
  • Mar 1 2014: I think we will have a situation where major players like Google, Facebook, Microsoft end up owning practically every information available about everyone. We may lose what we call private life.
    • Mar 5 2014: I think if every sensitive people will not use internet wisely all the fools are bound to fall under evil and they will follow and believe the false teacher through internet. just my openion
  • Mar 6 2014: 1. there will be still land lines - still faster. Satellite communication still has a 1/2 second delay due to distance.
    2. rather than a few large data centers, we will have many with the ability to move data quickly from 1 site to another for response time
    3. we are starting to see direct brain interfaces to robotic arms - this will become more prevalent and the rich will push this technology to gain a speed advantage on others in acquiring wealth.
    4. VR will be a major interface
    5. there will be a new method of security rather than encryption
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    Mar 6 2014: In my opinion internet will expand a lot in developing countries, there will be boom in internet shopping, information searching for any decision making. As it is said that in future BRICS will become most powerful in the world, because of this also internet will go at the peak in developing world.
  • Mar 5 2014: Phillip Evans gave a talk yesterday or the day before...
    Now I cannot find him on TED.
    Today, when I searched the Internet I found a guy who was supposed
    to be him, but with a different face. Scary...

    I think that Geographical Governments are making their moves
    to insure global control. I do not want to believe it is so.... really.

    Please just keep that thought in mind. We cannot stop what is
    happening today, and the future doesn't look as appealing as it did
    in the 1950's...

    I'd ask my shrink if I am nuts, but I'm afraid he will agree.
    His second opinion could be worse.
  • Mar 2 2014: I'm hoping the internet will be used to completely change the monetary system so that the game we've created will bring society closer to a resource based economy.

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    Mar 1 2014: I want to ask you guys one more question, why you use internet?
    It could be a quiet stupid question, but the answer is not obvious for me.
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    Mar 1 2014: Actually it s true, were heading to a difficult future, if we will remain under the control of this big web giant.
    But on this point could come a relevant u turn.
    What if in the next few years someone is able to create a web base experience, and then a whole web community which allows us to communicate sharing just what we want to share, keep public the 'easy stuff' and separate the private stuff simply offline.
    I think that you guys are correctly worried about the predominance of the big giants, but we ( normal people ) can choose, we are not forced to follow the crowd, and we just take another direction.
    Maybe i am wrong, but as the future can be a disaster for our privacy, it can also reserve a huge changing in the way people connect and share.
    I am trying to figure out a new way to surf the web, new way to imagine connection, new way to imagine security, radically changing the rule that until now are dominating all of us.
    It can be done, but we have to look the Internet world from a completely different point of view.
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    Mar 1 2014: it think the crunch is coming - very soon, it will be locked down and the only "free" stuff will be effectively the worthless stuff.

    it won't be long before copyright laws are enforced through surveillance and revenue collecting.

    the only hope lies with the hackers to wrest control away from the owners.
    • Mar 3 2014: It seems very likely that the internet will experience a dark age of security lock-downs, privacy loss and insecure segments of networks exploited by hackers. From this dark time I see the rise of the private wireless local community networks run and maintained by entrepreneurial members of the community.

      A comparable example might be the rise of farmer/local community markets and co-ops in the food industry. It was a rebellion against a perceived corporate culture that sacrificed quality or nutrients for profitability. It makes sense that a tech savvy community would form its own network that may, in time, connect to other communities.
  • Mar 1 2014: I think Amazon has it figured out. What's impressive is it's ability to lower the bench mark for how to use ecommerce to the fullest advantage. For example its goal is to make just in time deliveries. Their is a ride sharing service that is undoing the static business model for taxi's. It's only a matter of time that Amazon, buys this business with it's network of drivers to make same day deliveries. The internet is a utility. Fiber optics in homes is the next benchmark so the upload/download can manage your solar panel output into the grid. So what's to prevent, Next generation panels from being wifi hot and used as signal boosters for cell phone bandwidth.? We really need to ditch the old utilities of nuclear and coal and make solar panel installation the next upgrade to the internet. I'm developing an app to get the perfect shoe fit for every possible shoe purchase. You will want to buy your next pair online and not in a store. That's the next five years. You the consumer will want to make all your purchases online.
  • Mar 1 2014: Let me raise another factor in the development of internet functions and risk-benefit equation.
    First, there are obviously many beneficial contribution from the internet in the areas of personal communication, information sharing and academic research, the broadening of commercial activities, etc. But, on the other hand there have been many conjunctive detrimental effects, such as the commercial fraud and scam, legal or illegal information collection or outright spying. Furthermore, the detrimental effect could also affect the national defense and/or the stealing of military or commercial secrets. This kind of computer hacking is already rampant in commercial activities which could cause tremendous financial damage to at least one side of the parties involved. All this is a consequence of the reckless abandonment of the principle of efficiency-over-security by the system designers of the internet mostly controlled by the U. S. Thus I am not too surprised to hear that the Europeans wanted to redesign their own internet system.
    Anyone here has heard about the serious trouble to the Bitcoin crisis? Bitcoin has been set up to be a cyber-currency initiated by a super-computer system which handles the issuing and exchange of the currency in circulation and its use in commercial transactions. The value of this "Bitcoin currency" is not fixed, but varies from day to day. Recently, one of the "exchange houses" was hacked, and the deposit in the "wallets" of many of the Bitcoin accounts were stolen. This resulted in the bankruptcy of this exchange house in Tokyo.The consequence of this case is more serious because there has been no governmental or commercial insurance on the deposits.
    I raise this particular question in order to explain the potential detrimental effect of this case as well as the other problems I mentioned above. In other words, the development of the internet comes with the Achilles Heels best versed as "One comes with a sword, dies from the sword".
  • Mar 1 2014: I worry most people will be priced out of the market. If Google as a corporation cannot maintain earnings, it will look at obvious place. Us. Free information seekers. If Google does so will its competition. Secondly information want to make money and they will charge us.Even today there are signs this is happening, You register first them. Then you get menu for free. Then you chose item and it will cost,
  • Feb 28 2014: I think because of the ease in research, the internet will continue to be used as the research tool of choice and other methods will decay. There is a lot to be said for conducting your research from a sunny beach in Florida.
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    Feb 28 2014: For one thing I feel that there will not be "The internet" there will be competing internets.
    I heard Europe is already building a NSA proof internet.
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      Feb 28 2014: Wow, first time i heard it.
      But why you think there will be a competition? Because of different way to imagine the web organisation?
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        Mar 4 2014: Maybe not multiple Internets, but instead multiple ways to excess and filters, as well as private networks used by military, governments, and financial markets.

        Consider this: Facebook reportedly in talks to buy high-altitude drone makers Titan Aerospace possible to connect 3 world countries to the internet.
        Plus there is satellite Internets, I believe that includes one that blocks ISPs

        As to filters there are currently filters for kid friendly Internets, and I can see an education/MOOC only internet. Imagine going to the How-to only internet when you need to fix something or share a tip of how to do something without sale ads and totally none relating stuff slowing you down, or the ancestry & history only internet, or, or, the possibility are endless.

        I could see a smart home/car/office devices internet, so hackers, thieves and NSA can’t access your home refrigerator, security or Xbox Kinect cameras, Personal drones, car’s GPS, door locks, etc. and learn when you or your kids are at home or at the office/school.