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What you think the internet will become in the next 5 years?

I think the next future will be improve the way people can find out ,more easily, information on the web, focusing on new research methods, including devices that could help anyone to connect.


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    Feb 28 2014: For one thing I feel that there will not be "The internet" there will be competing internets.
    I heard Europe is already building a NSA proof internet.
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      Feb 28 2014: Wow, first time i heard it.
      But why you think there will be a competition? Because of different way to imagine the web organisation?
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        Mar 4 2014: Maybe not multiple Internets, but instead multiple ways to excess and filters, as well as private networks used by military, governments, and financial markets.

        Consider this: Facebook reportedly in talks to buy high-altitude drone makers Titan Aerospace possible to connect 3 world countries to the internet.
        Plus there is satellite Internets, I believe that includes one that blocks ISPs

        As to filters there are currently filters for kid friendly Internets, and I can see an education/MOOC only internet. Imagine going to the How-to only internet when you need to fix something or share a tip of how to do something without sale ads and totally none relating stuff slowing you down, or the ancestry & history only internet, or, or, the possibility are endless.

        I could see a smart home/car/office devices internet, so hackers, thieves and NSA can’t access your home refrigerator, security or Xbox Kinect cameras, Personal drones, car’s GPS, door locks, etc. and learn when you or your kids are at home or at the office/school.

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