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Karen Goepen-Wee

Language Arts Educator and Literacy Advocate, Rundle College Academy


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How best might educators and business leaders work together to help students become clear, effective communicators?

Universities and businesses constantly talk about how so many of their students or recent hires lack the ability to clearly and effectively communicate. Although clear communication is highly desired, I personally do not believe that the skills required for mastery of communication are effectively taught or modelled in school at all levels. I feel that the current focus upon back to basics in terms of language arts skills does not help students learn to communicate because this kind of teaching is limited and limiting. Students learn best to communicate when engaged in real world, inquiry based projects and Reader's/Writer's workshops where they must constantly use the skills of communication in context. I feel that the business world is an untapped resource in terms of real-world possibilities.

How could we go about nurturing education/business partnerships that are ethical?

What are the best methods for developing communication skills?

How can we best engage students in the communication process?


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  • Feb 28 2014: Businesses and universities demonstrate that half of students have below median IQ.
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      Feb 28 2014: Which mathematically makes sense :D haha

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