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When we live in an artificial world, we ourselves become artificial. Is convenience worth it?

We are surrounding ourselves more and more with artificial lighting, artificial transportation, artificial activity, artificial appearance etc. It seems as though we are trying to completely disconnect ourselves from natural realities because they are uncomfortable at times and inconvenient to our immediate pursuit of a pleasant sensation.

It also seems that we have reached a point where a lot of us think that we are different from nature, perhaps because some people have spent their whole lives without spending a moment in an un-manicured forest. We are completely interconnected with the rivers, mountains, forests, oceans etc. Without their existence, we cannot exist. If we find an absurd way through science to exist without nature, I am assured it will not be a life worth living. Therefore, Our mental and physical well being directly depends on our interaction with nature.

Any thoughts?


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    Mar 1 2014:
    We are self-deceiving.
    We are making invalid happiness.
    Invalid happiness leads us to humankind self-extinction.

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