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Why dont we enjoy the movie as much as the book ?

You name it - Harry Potter, Girl with the dragon tattoo, thrillers .... Is it the time shortage, inability to cast certain parts, censoring ..... ? When you read, you are allowed to create your own pictural imagination; in the movie you cant imagine and the cast itself maybe very different ... could it be our inability to accept that change easily ?


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  • Apr 27 2011: because books can be more realistic then movies, if i read a book about a dragon who rules a small village with fear i can imagine it much better then you could make it.

    It is also on part by the directors taking too many creative changes to the story i.e: in Lord of the Flies (spoilers) piggy dies by getting hit by a tumbling rock and landing onto a rock slab in the ocean, but in the movie he gets hit by a rock and just drops, as if he was knocked unconscious, that killed the best part of the book (IMO).

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