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Why dont we enjoy the movie as much as the book ?

You name it - Harry Potter, Girl with the dragon tattoo, thrillers .... Is it the time shortage, inability to cast certain parts, censoring ..... ? When you read, you are allowed to create your own pictural imagination; in the movie you cant imagine and the cast itself maybe very different ... could it be our inability to accept that change easily ?


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  • Apr 26 2011: No matter what I feel as though we are going to like and accept our ideas and pictures more than anyone else's. Our egos if you want to call it that, allow us to believe that our form of a character is "better" or more accurate than someone else's form.

    I think another great thing about books compared to movies is the ability to put it down and come back to it. We can allow the concepts and meanings to permeate our thoughts for a night or however long rather than being fed a storyline continuously for 2 or 3 hours.

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