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Why dont we enjoy the movie as much as the book ?

You name it - Harry Potter, Girl with the dragon tattoo, thrillers .... Is it the time shortage, inability to cast certain parts, censoring ..... ? When you read, you are allowed to create your own pictural imagination; in the movie you cant imagine and the cast itself maybe very different ... could it be our inability to accept that change easily ?


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    Apr 26 2011: A reader is constantly involved with creating the visual atmosphere. The words that you read allow you to mold a particular understanding. When I read "Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad, my imagination was simply injected with something profoundly appetizing. I love the book, but once I watched the movie I sort of lost the credibility of what I built about such a beautiful book.

    In my honest opinion, movies eliminate the imaginative process we normally undergo while reading a book, unless it's accurate.

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