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Steve Jobs: Apple's greatest strength or weakness?

We all know he mostly raise that company and when it was falling down he returned to change the technology world. But, the possibility off lossing him, was also Apple's biggest potential weakness. So, there is my issue, to many responsability on one genius made apple strong or weak.

  • Mar 6 2014: Lets look at what Steve was good at and what he was not:

    1. He was not good at creating new technology
    2. He was good at recognizing good technology by others and applying it
    3. He was a great marketer and seemed to understand what the consumer wanted and was willing to pay
    4. He was not a good organizer and day to day manager.
  • Mar 3 2014: Both. He designed an organization that was necessary for inquired minds to reach out and use it to their advantage.
  • Mar 3 2014: If there was any one thing that Steve Jobs insisted upon it was responsibility. He expected everyone of his employees to accept their part in performing the miracles he imagined and simply would not accept less. That same trait in other leaders is what has and will always be the determining factor in their success. Apple's present CEO Cook was hand picked by Steve Jobs and I am sure his wife which has the controlling share of stock will keep Apple going in the right direction for a long time.
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    Mar 2 2014: There is no Apple without Steve Jobs. The quesion of strength or weakness is not on him. It's on the people after him - in my opinion.
    • Mar 2 2014: On the title says it is on him. An like it or not, Apple its still out there, check AAPL.