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how does the earth have this force called gravity?

As all we say the gravity (small g) pulling the things on earth towards the center of the earth, when "Capital G" makes earth stand on the solar system. sorry if i'm confused in..
1.how does the earth have this force called gravity (small g)?
2.where did the force come from?
3.what is the relativity between this Capital G and small g?


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  • Mar 1 2014: Because life sucks. A swan is here and gone, but man is tied up to the ground, and he makes the saddest sound, the saddest sound.*

    *Paul Simon, 1970
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      Mar 2 2014: I couldn't understand what are you saying here!
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        Mar 2 2014: Hi Chandru,

        Mr. Maloney is humoring you. On a serious note, he's making you think deeper, much, much deeper - maybe SOMETHING much more powerful and difficult to understand than gravity.

        Knowledge of Physics, no doubt, makes you an intelligent man - it's a good start. However, will it make you a wise man?

        Suggest you reflect on the thoughts of Dr. Nathan Myhrvold, Dr. Stephen Hawking, Dr. Deepak Chopra, and the writings of ancient sages.

        Later on you will move on - beyond quantum mechanics, number theory, nanotechnology, and genetics engineering. Your perspective will change. You will discover new frontiers and you may even found a successful company. Or, you may become cynical at some point because of what life throws at you. I hope you won't give up by then.

        I believe you show a lot of promise, a man of unlimited potiential. Pursue, pursue, pursue!

        When I was young, I could walk and run for miles and miles. Now, I can barely walk two miles without gasping for breath. I guess this is due partly to gravity.

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