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How well do you think test/exam scores predict a person's future success with a particular subject?

Test and exams seem (I'm using the word "seem" very intentionally) to be a way to measure what someone learned in the past (after having taken a course for example).
But can tests really predict what's important? That is, future successful action!


Closing Statement from Doug Edwards

Thanks everyone for your contribution to this question. If I had to summarize: you think that tests alone (some intelligence tests excluded) are not enough to make a prediction, but are mainly useful to see a student's progress (or lack of it). Your thoughtful answers were very helpful to me.

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  • Mar 2 2014: Hi Dear Doug,I think for good scores I got from exams meant nothing for me but encouragement from teachers,parents,myself as well.Now I am not necessary to take part in any exam anymore.Then I am mulling what motivate me to keep studying?

    That's really sth deserving us to mull more:Because I often tried to recall what knowledge I learnt from my physics or chemistry or ...teachers teaching.I completely don't remeber what they taught me but their encouragement or very kind smilings impressed me a lot.All these urge me to mull of what education it is often.
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      Mar 3 2014: Yes, perhaps a kind smile is some of the best feedback you can get! Thanks!

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