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Reinventing high shool by teaching hands on skills

I find that with the current education system, students are forced to decide their career at such young age and at such awkward (teenage phase) times as well. The debate I propose would allow the high school student to learn new skill while getting to know themselves and what they wish to accomplish in life.

So I propose this: could teenagers' "extra" energy be spent in a different way than sitting in classrooms for 8 hours a day? After all the basic skills are leanrt (Math, science, language, etc..) teenagers could spend their high school years learning skills necessary to become independent adults. Skills such as growing your own food, building your own house, plumbing, sowing and many other skills that could be useful in their lifetime.
After a "skills" education is complete, the student can then continue their studies in the area they choose and pursue their dream careers.

I know it may be completely unrealistic but could it work? I'd love to hear some thoughts about it.


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    Mar 1 2014: That's what we call college. As a high school student myself I say there is a problem with how many teachers teach. I do think they need to be more hands on with their lessons but I find that how they teach their classes to be helpful too. Learning basic criteria is what high school is all about it gives us facts and knwoledge that everyone can use in our lives at one point or another. As for addressing skills education in an area they choose, many high schools offer electives that allow the student to gain special education in an area they're interested in. I honestly don't think it would work because there wouldn need to be a grading system and there would also need to be a universal new format for all these "hands on" classes on top of that how would the education system go about making these classes and hiring teachers for them?

    I believe that yes the education system right now isn't the best and needs work but the concept they have it based on, the idea that we need to teach students basic skills is good, and I believe college is there to teach students what they need to know and what they want to know. Also home home ec does teach some skills to become an indendent adult.

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