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The true theory of everything: the Theory of Feelings.

I always wonder why it seems that physics, or even science IS mathematics?

Maybe that’s a revelation that this world (including the possible multiverse) is built upon one feeling only, that is, number. (yes, numbers are a feeling, just like colors are a feeling.)

That’s why mathematics-based modern science can’t even begin to take on the question about feelings, for example, what is blue?

Lights of different frequencies causing the retina cells to send signals to the brain and brain cells firing each there? Don’t tell me that, is blue. Come on, I am not 3.

So, what I am guessing might be the future Theory of Everything is something like this:

Just like Plato’s heaven made of forms,

Loo’s heaven is made of feelings.

Plato thinks that feelings are just empirical, low-level things.
But I don’t think so. Feelings include almost all platonic forms.

And, because this world is made of one of the feelings, that is, number, it’s still part of the Loo’s heaven. Isn’t that like a piece of possible good news?

Well, not that I am arrogant or anything, Loo’s heaven is just a “figuratively speaking”.
But I do want to challenge the whole community of modern science with this simple question:

What is blue, anyway?


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    Feb 26 2014: .
    By common sense, feelings are the results of computation of the data in our brain.
    The data consist of our ancestors' successful experiences in DNA and those we acquired today.

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