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Comunal Assembly of Close Neighbors, with supported moral activities for voluntary works proposals

I always believe on one community with different families connected who they can live, likewise resolve problems. The only way to live in communion each other is the communal organization. The different problems can be resolved with helping of other person whom participates; the various commodities can be embodied on the common success. The participates should be incorporated by themselves to represent in the assembly a voice of solutions and proposals which will develop the happiness of the community.
Just like this we don’t have to spend to much money , create a strong relationship , resolve ordinaries and extraordinary problems, get different commodities as (park ,structures , social places and assembles rooms).
If we can develop the way to live like this, and be organized, we will be almost in the way to increase the happiness around the world.

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    Feb 24 2014: There is solid evidence that peoples sense of fulfillment in their lives is most strongly connected to feelings of belonging and social connection to loved ones. (See Martin Selgman TED talk)The idea you articulate here has been the foundation of urban plans based around what are sometimes called "urban villages" that envision such a connected citizenry on small scales that then are effectively networked as a city. Jane Jacob's master work of the last century, which I believe is called something like the Rise and Fall of Great American Cities, offers a similar vision of the well functioning city based on highly connected and richly layered streets with residences, retail, places of public assembly, and so forth.
  • Feb 26 2014: You are looking at our future. But how do we get there? By accident? Will we simply get bored with the way things are now because it is boring at the top of the food chain?
  • Feb 25 2014: Then why are you on an international computer whatsit and not out there forming one of these communal organizations?