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What necessity, desire or dream do you wish accomplished but seems impossible?

Tell us why this seems impossible to you.

TEDxYouth@Mt.Olive's 2014 theme is Challenge the Impossible. We would like global responses to our question - What do you find impossible?

Our attendees will examine all submissions, devise possible solutions and hopefully develop a tool set for our youth to use when they encounter seemingly impossible situations.

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    Feb 28 2014: The late Beatle John Lennon's dream that our world will live as one seems impossible!


    Imagine there's no heaven
    It's easy if you try
    No hell below us
    Above us only sky
    Imagine all the people
    Living for today...

    Imagine there's no countries
    It isn't hard to do
    Nothing to kill or die for
    And no religion too Imagine all the people
    Living life in peace...

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
    And the world will be as one

    Imagine no possessions
    I wonder if you can
    No need for greed or hunger
    A brotherhood of man
    Imagine all the people
    Sharing all the world...

    You may say I'm a dreamer
    But I'm not the only one
    I hope someday you'll join us
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      Feb 28 2014: Great song Rodrigo , which I always loved. Seeing this young man sing it brings so much depth to it....if he can believe it is possible, I can believe it is possible.

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        Mar 1 2014: Hello Colleen,

        I like your hopeful and very optimistic outlook! Wish you the best.
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          Mar 1 2014: Hi Rodrigo, and based on your comments that I have read, I like your outlook as well! In my humble perception and experience, it is more enjoyable then the alternative. Some folks think/feel that living a life that is optimistic and hopeful is impossible. I cannot imagine living the life adventure in any other way.

          You may say I'm a dreamer
          But I'm not the only one
          I hope someday you'll join us

          We can look at Emanuel, in the video above, and here is another inspirational person....

          When we consider the challenges these young people have faced, and their attitude about life, how can we NOT have a hopeful attitude? When I feel like I have challenges in my own life, I observe people like these two young men and It puts things in perspective.

          The best to you too my friend....always.....all ways:>)
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          Mar 19 2014: keep striving for the ideal. we need folk like yourselves.

          but the romantic pessimist in me would like to add:

          "what makes you think you're something special when you smile? you can talk to me, when you're lonely you can talk to me" - Hey Bulldog.

          he was an absolute genius. flawed and beautiful
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          Mar 24 2014: Scott,
          Smiling simply feels better than the alternative, and it is very possible for everyone to feel the warmth of a smile:>)
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          Mar 24 2014: i know that, for sure. but, i like to also acknowledge the low road because we all go through it.

          shake it off and smile when you can but we all hit the doldrums now and then and that's when we need people to help lift us back to the high ground.
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      Mar 19 2014: lennon was a walking contradiction. that's what made him so great (beyond his brilliant songwriting) because he is like all of us.

      i believe in the ideal and it is so. but not yet
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        Mar 19 2014: Hi Scott,

        "Lennon was a walking contradiction ..." Is that what makes Lennon an authentic human being?
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          Mar 22 2014: yes, I think so. he had to shoulder huge expectations (no wonder he thought he was jesus for bit) and he was by no means perfect.

          there's a nice interview with George Harrison on the dvd "living in a material world" where he is asked about john. the interviewer points out he was no saint and george replies with "no, he wasn't...but he was".

          sums him up very well, i think.

          songs like Help! and I'm a Loser reveal a fragile, insecure side to a guy who (at that time) was almost universally adored
    • Mar 22 2014: Imagine how many generations of people this song has influenced and helped direct. Without wonderful, meaningful songs such as this people may not have advanced as quickly.

      And, although we seem far off from achieving Johns' world, I can see we are slowly progressing towards it. Atheism/non-religious population is growing, government is finding it more difficult to recruit soldiers and people overall are becoming more aware. Even if there are agencies covertly trying to achieve an obscured and warped version of a one world scenario, we'll make it to johns' world eventually.
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        Mar 23 2014: Mint, I like your spirit and optimism. Best wishes ...
        • Mar 23 2014: Thanks Rodrigo, it takes one to know one:)

          If a majority of us have enough positive faith that things will work out, then collectively our energies will direct us to a better world situation.
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    Feb 25 2014: Time travel and levitation are two I'm looking forward to
    • Mar 22 2014: Levitation is simple enough, but time travel will need a bit more working.
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    Mar 23 2014: I wish people would recognize that no matter whose fault something is, blaming others is not going to solve their problems, but setting aside their conflicts to work together will.
    • Mar 23 2014: Adrian,

      I sort of agree that no matter whose fault something is, blaming someone is not going to resolve the situation for what individuals need to concentrate an center on dealing with the situation once and for all. The thing is that some seek to maintain the conflicts rather than seeking to work together; setting aside their conflicts to work together will likely perpetuate the existence of conflicts. Better to just deal with the conflicts once and for all resolve them and focus on better things to do. How we do that? now there is where the fundamental key to most issues resides.

      I think that a fundamental piece involves the framing and stories employed. how we get everyone to embrace only the better stories and possibilities? now there is where the fundamental key to most issues resides… maybe it has to do with recognizing the possibilities and then consciously choosing to cultivate them better ways. I like to say that to be or not to be isn't the question, the question be how to be… in other words to cultivate or not to cultivate this or that isn't the question it's how to cultivate each one. some possibilities better remain as such, as just possibilities.
  • Mar 21 2014: To find and understand the TRUTH.
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      Mar 23 2014: The truth is that the truth may never be evident, because there are so many conflicting ideas of what is true, but I love your dream, and have it myself as well.
      • Mar 23 2014: Hannah,

        The truth may be rather evident when one knows the truth :-) Yes there are so many conflicting ideas of what is true and when one knows the truth one can tell which ideas are in line with it and which are in opposition to it. When one knows a lie one can't tell much about other ideas being in line with the truth. I prefer to know one right way than many wrong ways. Of course when one knows where one be where one ought to be and the alternate ways to get to where one ought to be infinite possibilities open up.

        For some the real challenge involves accepting the truth. I used to get into debates seeking to prove this or that… till I realized that the feuding throughout the world was more about passing the buck than dealing with the cards. The proof of a statement does not change the validity of the statement. In other words the individual is innocent or guilty with or without proof of their condition. Just because one can not make the case and prove something does not change the facts of something and of who did what.

        I think you choose to believe that the truth may never be evident. I choose to believe that the truth is always evident to them who know the truth of the matter. BTW holding what you hold will lead to not seeking to know the truth of the matter.
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        Mar 23 2014: Hannah, never let anyone discourage you from your learning mindset and your open-mindedness.
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          Mar 23 2014: Thank you for the advice. I don't plan to. I believe that there is a connection between everything if you take the time to find it
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    Mar 4 2014: To experience every culture by immersion... this would enlighten me, at the same time I would see the whole world. sigh.... what a dream.
  • Mar 3 2014: Check the web in about 6 months and you will see a the world setting sail towards something big.
    Project is called Cpt.Free - Navigating the heart of humanity.
    TED made it possible. Nothing is too big and remember to never give up!

    “I am a sailor, you're my first mate
    We signed on together, we coupled our fate
    Hauled up our anchor, determined not to fail
    For the heart's treasure, together we set sail
    With no maps to guide us, we steered our own course
    Rode out the storms when the winds were gale force
    Sat out the doldrums in patience and hope
    Working together, we learned how to cope.
    Life is an ocean and love it a boat
    In troubled waters it keeps us afloat
    When we started the voyage there was just me and you
    Now gathered round us we have our own crew
    Together we're in this relationship
    We built it with care to last the whole trip
    Our true destination's not marked on any chart
    We're navigating the shores of the heart”
    ― John McDermott
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    Mar 23 2014: To prove God using science so that this ever so popular debate that is feuding throughout the world can finally end.
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    Mar 22 2014: Esteban and Fritzie, let me add this, it is your mind that controls immunity and in that regard, the ability to control immunity is matter of fact not belief. Belief can lead to a placebo effect but placebo is 99 out 100 time only temporary and not even worth the energy in my opinion/belief. :)
    • Mar 22 2014: From a practical point of view what does an individuals with the inability do to get the ability. I think that beliefs, dogmas, faith, hopes, dreams, stories may serve as bridges to matters of fact. (of course they can also keep one from getting there) Belief can lead to an understanding of the experiences without replacing the actual experience.
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    Mar 18 2014: Interesting way to put it in terms of symmetry. Sometimes I try to imagine what it would be like if this prospect was actually achieved. Even as I was writing my comment to this post I was considering whether I actually wanted to write it because although what I say in it appears to be a huge drive and passion in my life, I also understand that it may be hard to live in a world where the synergy and symmetry in opinions and goals is so strong that as an individual we would have nothing to be individually passionate about. This in itself is something that I think is a shared passion among everybody, the fact that we need something to strive for. Although we are all trying to share our opinions with people in order to convince them of our thoughts, we would probably not enjoy a life where everyone did think the same as us. We still pursue this endeavor, though, because with the sheer enormity and diversity of the human race it is hard to imagine that we will ever make it to that point.
    I think that, at least for me, it is hard to imagine what exactly is causing me to want to make changes in the world besides the fact that it gives me something to be passionate about and I enjoy having something to pursue that is greater than myself.
    Even though it is pretty much impossible to create a perfect world, it is quite helpful, in order to make this world not perfect but better, to have passion that is so strong that you almost believe that this prospect is possible.
    We as humans seem to have a strange ability to never give up trying even when we know that perfection is impossible. This has carried us a long way.
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    Mar 13 2014: Directing the majority of the people in the world to share some very important goals for the future of our world.
    I think that there are many things in this world that should easily be changed for the better if we could all just have common interest in getting the job done. Take for example the energy crisis and climate change. If everyone just understood how important it is for our future to start making big and small changes today and if everyone just cared more about what matters most (our home: the Earth and the universe and our prosperity and happiness as a species and community), then it would be a lot easier to create a sort of synergy among every aspect of our environment as far out as we can imagine our environment to exist.
    • Mar 13 2014: Rachel,

      I like to use 'prisoner's dilemma' to exemplify the situation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prisoner's_dilemma ) with a personal unique touch that included the cost of being good and the higher cost of being evil.

      The key thing for me involves the asymmetric relationship of being evil interacting with the symmetric relationship of being good. In the symmetric relationship each pays for their own costs, where as in the asymmetric relationship others pay for ones costs. as you sort of implied, IF everyone did what ought to be done we would be in the best scenario. In fact whenever someone does what they ought to do, the outcome ends up in the best possible scenario. The thing is that when someone does not do what ought to be done they induce and change the best possible scenario; this leads into a transformational kink that may shift the focal issue from choosing what ought to be done based on what ought to be done to seeking symmetry through asymmetry. In other words originally it was about reaching symmetry through each individual choosing to be good; where as latter it was about choosing to be like the other, who chose the asymmetric way. This kink in the resulting system involves choosing to be good and accept the asymmetry the other established or choosing to restore the symmetry with the other by also choosing to be bad. This presents a rather interesting conundrum that requires realizing that choosing whats in it for me ought to include a bunch of stuff that may even be related to what's in it for others!

      I agree of the vital importance to understand how important it is for our future to make big and small changes today. As you said : "if everyone just cared more about what matters most (our home: the Earth and the universe and our prosperity and happiness as a species and community), then it would be a lot easier to create a sort of synergy among every aspect of our environment as far out as we can imagine our environment to exist" and beyond.
  • Feb 27 2014: For everyone to willingly listen and follow-through with the murmuring voice of what ought to be done as it ought to be done when it ought to be done.

    This includes getting someone to change and choose what ought to be chosen, when they have made up their mind and chosen something else. In other words, get everyone to consider the possibilities and recognize the better one as the better one. In a slightly different form this may involve getting 'the losers' to admit that they have lost the debate (or others have actually won it), especially when they insist on debating on the issue seeking to accomplish the impossible (some may even have realized that they lost the debate and that it's impossible to win it, still they will rather perpetuate the debate/race/game indefinitely rather than just concede and accept the obvious winner). Think of it as a competition with winner-looser prizes at the end of the race/game; where some choose to prolong the race/game indefinitely so as to not get the their prize and by that action even keep the others from enjoying their prizes and moving on to better stuff. If the race last until everyone has crossed the finish line, or the game extends as long as someone insists on playing it THEN getting everyone to willingly listen and follow-through with the murmuring voice of what ought to be done as it ought to be done when it ought to be done seems practically impossible.

    So what possible devices tools sets can individuals employ to get everyone to willingly agree on a particular matter? How do we get everyone to cross the finish line, end the game and move on as winners?

    One way for everyone to win is to get everyone to cross the finish line at the same instant.

    In principle whomever wins wins, and everyone recognizes the winner.
    In practice there may be those who refuse to recognize the winner unless it is themselves (and for that to happen may involve them changing to recognize the truth of the matter and followthrough)
    • Feb 28 2014: Neither overestimate yourself , nor underestimate others.
      Neither overestimate the winners, nor underestimate the losers,
      One who is winner may become loser tomorrow,
      One who is loser today may become winner tomorrow,

      Past history and current History is full examples.

      Last year I read about an experiment conducted by a scientist in some far away village of Africa.

      The scientist asked the kids of the village that who soever goes to that set point by running fast will get chocolates. Instead of separately running and competing with each other , the kids joined hands together and they all ran together towards the set point. And all of them reached the point together.

      The scientist gave them the chocolate and said , that if any one of you could have reached first to the point then that person could have got all the chocolates, and he could have been more happy with it.

      The kids then replied that if any one of us would have reached the set point , then only he could have been the winner while the others would have been the losers.

      How could that person would have felt happy when his other fellow friends would have been unhappy.

      Now, Although we all us have got less chocolate, but it gives more happiness to see when everyone has the chocolate and everyone is happy.
      • Feb 28 2014: :-) :-)

        Indeed, I just have one question/comment related to an implicit embedded notion in that particular description... that sort of shifts the ploy ...

        Please understand that I like, enjoy almost to an obsession looking at them stories for subtle nuances that could allow creeping notions to influence and interfere; and then figure out a quirk (in the early sense of the noun - subtle verbal twist) that covers or changes the nuance and makes it into a strong feature.

        Anyways back to what I was going to point out. The fact that someone gets first to the point and gets all the chocolates hardly precludes them safeguarding the chocolates to ensure everyone gets some. Also note that the scientists statement "who soever goes to that set point by running fast will get chocolates" involves a claim which will be proven veridic or otherwise only upon the arrival of the last kid at the set point and the delivery of the chocolate to every one who arrived there. On a broader scale the statement is about those who get there, and is rather mute about getting chocolates without ever arriving at the point.

        In response to the interrogative " How could the person who got to the point feel happy when his other fellow friends are still struggling, suffering unhappily running towards the point"? Well the person knows that when someone gets there they will enjoy the chocolate, The persons also knows that his real fellow friends will rejoice at the attainment of the objective by someone. Keep in mind that the underlying sotry-line is about getting there; who get's there first becomes irrelevant when everyone who get there can have all the chocolate they can eat/carry!

        Yes we need to be vigilant to ensure that every choice in the present enables us to keep on going into the future...
        What each chooses to do now determines once and for all the present choice, so better chose right and good for whatever we choose is going to accompany us hereafter... Friends are better...
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    Feb 27 2014: Hello Robert,
    I have not experienced any desire or dream as impossible. Once we label something "impossible", that is exactly what it becomes in our reality, and I wouldn't undermine myself in that way.
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      Feb 27 2014: Hey Colleen,
      I think you nailed it when you said, "in our reality," I hope my attendees can see the world through another youths eyes & understand their barriers / what they think is impossible through the challenge. And just maybe reach out and help.
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        Feb 27 2014: Hey Robert,
        Thanks for the feedback:>)

        It is important for people to believe in themselves, and the belief in oneself starts as children.....or not. It takes encouragement, support, curiosity, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and grow, which most kids naturally have in themselves. We need to support those qualities in children AND adults and it starts with "BEING" what we want to "SEE" in our world....in my humble perception and experience:>)
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          Feb 27 2014: Agreed. Remember this is a global effort. I expect to see responses gathered from youth that have significant negative generational memory. They may not know or understand what is possible, know how to "BE" when they don't know what could be.
      • Feb 28 2014: Robert...

        For me its much better to know what ought to be ... or even better what one better do to bring what ought to be into being and/or manifest it...

        In other words, some may know how to "BE" without needing to know or understand what is possible... innocent happy lives of the truly savants

        I agree with Colleen ---"It takes encouragement, support, curiosity, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and grow, which most kids naturally have in themselves. We need to support those qualities in children AND adults and it starts with "BEING" what we want to "SEE" in our world..--- sometimes the beliefs other have placed on us enables us to discover what we can accomplish... so even though it is important for people to believe in themselves... what is important is for people to believe it's actually possible ... even if it may seem rather impossible for it to happen before it happens. From an atemporal perspective before, during, after coexist in the enduring present moment of now... Besides the fact it has never been done before hardly determines that it will never be done. Having said that each needs to be vigilant as to what possibility they choose to embrace and manifest... just because it could be need mean it ought to be ... Some may know and understand what is possible and consciously choose what brings about wellbeing, happiness and joy.
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          Mar 6 2014: Esteban,
          It is fine if you choose to agree with me. However, you are still misrepresenting what I wrote.

          When you quote someone, there needs to be quotation marks on BOTH ends of the quote.

          I wrote...
          "It takes encouragement, support, curiosity, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and grow, which most kids naturally have in themselves. We need to support those qualities in children AND adults and it starts with "BEING" what we want to "SEE" in our world"

          That is what I wrote, and if you want to quote me, there needs to be quotation marks on BOTH ends of the quote.

          You continued with YOUR "stuff", making it look like it is my words, when it is NOT my words, nor do I agree with what you have written.

          The topic question is,..."What necessity, desire or dream do you wish accomplished but seems impossible?"

          My "desire" and "dream" Esteban, is that you STOP inappropriately using other people's words and comments in an effort to support your personal agenda. You've said several times that you think your ongoing practice of twisting other people's words and comments is beneficial to a conversation. With that practice, you discredit yourself.
    • Mar 6 2014: Colleen,

      Seems you missed how I used "--" at both ends to delineate what you said, given that using quotation marks would had mixed in with the quotation marks you use.

      I wonder why is it that you disagree with the notion "sometimes the beliefs other have placed on us enables us to discover what we can accomplish… " its been established that 'teacher' expectations of 'students' lead students to perform as expected… if you want, and memory serve me right, I can point to a ted talk on this matter. The 'teacher' better except the student to be outstandingly good rather than something else.

      I find rather peculiar how you dream I would change something when you engage in that something … to be congruent you would change first and only then ask other to change (of course the other alternative is for that one would just not ask others to do something they themselves are unwilling to do themselves). To be clear on this matter I am claiming that you are " inappropriately using other people's words and comments in an effort to support your personal agenda". In particular you are twisting my comment about "twisting the twisted just so it comes out straight". I agree that "...your ongoing practice of twisting other people's words and comments..." "... in an effort to support your personal agenda" isn't beneficial to a conversation. I would much rather engage in a straight direct interchange of ideas where each and everyone just recognizes the truth of the matter and adopts the appropriate notions. For the time being, the truth of the matter is that there are those who choose to reject the truth of the matter claiming there isn't such a thing and instead insist that it's all subjective according to what each things.

      Remember that my seemingly impossible wish dream revolves around finding effective ways to induce a change for the better in those who refuse to change for the better … I see this as an invaluable tool to have for myself and others.
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        Mar 6 2014: I did not miss a thing Esteban. I respectfully continue to ask you NOT to twist, misuse or misquote my words. You simply discredit yourself.

        I DO NOT, in any way engage in YOUR practices of twisting other people's words, misusing, misrepresenting or misquoting other people's statements. I am one who chooses to reject that practice.

        I understand that you would like to change things in others in a way that YOU think is BETTER, and I understand that you believe this to be an invaluable tool to have for yourself. Twisting other people's comments, misquoting, misrepresenting and misusing other people's comments out of context IS NOT in any way a valuable tool Estefan.
        • Mar 6 2014: Colleen,

          If it is true that you didn't miss a thing then its evident how 'You simply discredit yourself'.

          I observed how you engaged in the practice of twisting my words, I had thought it was just something that just happened, now given you statement " I did not miss a thing …" I consider that you do it deliberately… The fact you claim to choose to reject such twisting practice, while doing such practice, further corroborates -- how the statement "You simply discredit yourself" applies to you.

          For the record my position is : would like to change things in each in a way that corresponds to what happens to be BETTER. I realize that you desire to change that to "change things in others in a way that YOU think is BETTER", in a way you are just projecting your position unto me rather than accepting my proposition. I realize that if we make this about what each thinks it's going to be practically impossible to reach agreements… if we make this about what happens to be then negotiated agreements becomes obsolete as each must accept or reject what happens to be. Those fully aware of it, know the implications. If you got it all correctly you realize where you stand. Now its going to be interesting to observe what it is you choose to do: what will you seek to cultivate from this point forward?

          Hope that you at least appropriately recognize each ones position on these matters. Of course I know that will result in a cognitive dissonance for some individual. As I said its going to be interesting to observe what it is individuals choose to: what will each seek to cultivate from this point forward?

          Keep in mind the " http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Emperor's_New_Clothes ". The emperor (and others) could not see the new clothes. Still many pretended for multiple reasons. Even a child could see the truth of the matter. As I said its going to be interesting to observe what it is each choose to do. Many facades are quite transparent. Hiding by closing one eyes isn't hiding!
  • Feb 27 2014: Nope, nothing comes to mind. I pretty much do as I please.
    • Feb 27 2014: What do you do for a living to make that possible?
      • Feb 27 2014: Right now I am retired but to answer your question, what ever is necessary. My formal training was in computers but as usual I am an autodidact. I fix things, anything. I am a bit diversified: accountant, actor, advocate, alcoholic, analyst, architect, artist, author, band leader, businessman, cancer, captain, carpenter, chauffeur, cinematographer, cliff diver, comedian, consultant, contractor, cook, counselor, criminal, critic, demolition, designer, director, driver, educator, efficiency expert, eagle scout, electrician, farmer, father, fisherman, gardener, grower, guitarist, healer, hiker, hunter, husband, hypnotist, inventor, investigator, judo, jujitsu, lecturer, landscaper, lawyer, masseuse, miner, motorcyclist, operator, painter, philosopher, photographer, pilot, priest, programmer, rat(Chinese Astrology), repairer, representative, researcher, sailor, SEO, security, scientist, scuba diver, singer, skier, surfer, systems analyst, systems programmer, traveler, teacher, trainer, vegetarian, vegan, videographer, webmaster, wrestler, writer, yogi. I'm 65 now and starting to feel my mid-life crisis.
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          Feb 27 2014: Is that all you do Keith? There is no doubt time for more:>)
          I LOVE it!
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          Mar 13 2014: I appreciate the alphabetical order of all of the things that make you, you.
          Not to read into it too much, but I couldn't help but think of the irony that exists when we can take such an abstract thing as our sense of self and alphabetize it. Although, I'm sure you and everyone else has much much more to themselves than what is in their alphabetized list.
          I know that I couldn't make a list of everything that I am, good and bad.
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        Feb 27 2014: Hi DeAndre,
        You ask..."What do you do for a living to make that possible?"

        I suggest when we learn to GIVE and RECEIVE with every interaction, we are making a living AND a life all the time:>)

        "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give..."
        (Winston Churchill)
  • Feb 27 2014: Probably you should rephrase your question like : What are the possible things which seems impossible for you to accomplish ?

    For some possible things are impossible and For some impossible things are possible.
    Sometimes Ignorance makes possible things impossible.
    Sometimes lack of knowledge makes possible things impossible.
    Sometimes situation makes possible things impossible.
    Sometimes out of control things makes possible things impossible.
    Sometimes ecosystem of the place makes possible things impossible.

    I am curious to know that how the attendees will devise possible solutions without properly understanding and comprehending that what makes impossible as impossible.

    Why not send the Astronauts into space and into the Mars planet without space suit. Just give them only one Mantra "Think Positive", or give them just couple of motivational books .

    So, that whenever they need oxygen they will think positive.
    S0,that whenever they will need food they will think positive. Byt, just thinking positive they can also procreate life on mars and even survive.

    Unconditional Love is impossible. So, what is the solution ? What electronic device will be invented so that everyone should get unconditional love or create unconditional love....
    • Feb 27 2014: :-) :-)

      Is Unconditional Love actually impossible? The solution is rather simple each always choose pro wellbeing ... BTW If you truly believe it then yea where there is a will there is a way... of course just one doubtful erroneous thought can annihilate it all... and one faithful appropriate thought can recreate it all... in fact given that the doubtful erroneous thoughts annihilate and the faithful appropriate thought create... can you guess which will continue to exists forevermore?
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    Feb 25 2014: Consistently treating others as we want to be treated
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    Feb 25 2014: Will you also have your attendees submit in advance their dreams that they believe might be impossible for them? That might be a highly productive exercise for young people.

    Here you might get long lists of things that really are impossible.

    Meanwhile, here are lots of TEDx talks on your very theme! http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDxTalks/search?query=impossible
  • Feb 25 2014: Create or destroy energy.

    Stop the sun from rising/setting.

    Make it rain to alleviate drought/stop raining to alleviate flooding.

    Draw a rectangular triangle.

    Unlock an unlocked door.

    Visit another solar system.

    Take both paths from the proverbial fork in the road.

    Invent the infinite improbability drive.

    Truly comprehend how truly insignificant I am compared to the immensity of the universe.
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      Mar 13 2014: Intersesting. Could you be truly comprehending how truly insignificant you are compared to the immensity of the universe just by recognizing how difficult it is to truly comprehend this? And what does significance matter if we can accept the fact that we may only have the potential to be significant in a very, very, very small fraction of time and space?
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    Mar 24 2014: Let me put it this way Esteban, BELIEF gets in the way of wisdom. I spend at least 80% of my time trying to get people to peel away their beliefs so I can introduce a truth into a context that they can feel compelled to consider.

    If nothing else, TRUTH is not convenient. I gave a scenario to Fritzie here about living in the wilderness. In that scenario truth will become the norm. BELIEF is social thing. We need it as a society but if we want survive as a healthy species we will have to forsake it.

    I also told Fritzie that I question whether or not immunity should be an option today. Maybe we should stick with belief in natural and western medicine to survive socially. Disease helps with the most serious social issues we face today. Maybe it is better to let a sleeping dog lie. Times almost up with this conversation. I think we have hashed it out pretty good. Short of me meeting you face to face, there isn't much more I can offer. Gaining immunity to disease is the only thing that can effect an individual enough to make them truly understand the destructiveness of belief. Without it we simply just tread water till we die of disease.
    • Mar 24 2014: Yea time is almost gone… well at least here … in other domains time will be there :-)

      Some beliefs can be quite destructive… and some can be quite constructive. I prefer the latter :-)

      In the whole scheme of things only the constructive will actually remain.

      BTW I do hear what you say about spending so much time over hashing out beliefs.

      Maybe we can find a better way.

      talk to you in other places
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    Mar 24 2014: Yes, my problem is I trash today's natural medicine as much or more than western medicine. I rub everyone the wrong way.

    What I want to do is meet people face to face and give them what they need to be immune but as we already established that is very close to self-promotion. If I could train another person who will speak out and speak up I could and would promote them but I seem to be the only one with that kind of thick skin. Others cannot take the abuse one will take when they completely contradict all medicine, especially natural medicine. I have said it before, it is OK to trash a medicine as long as you accept the other socially acceptable model. It's OK to trash western as long as you support today's equally failing natural medicine. It is unacceptable socially to trash them both.

    I need to train someone like you are Esteban and see if you have skin as thick as mine. I don't know how old either of you are but I suspect you have youth on your sides. I can only imagine what it would be like not to be a one man show. There is no money in it, just immunity.

    Some of the people I have trained thought they would be able to market immunity better but they learned otherwise. I have asked Ted if I could do a talk but in the form they ask for other talks and credits. I'm a one man show and if Ted is not open to letting me do a video talk no one will.

    By the way, this conversation is closing in 34 minutes.
    • Mar 24 2014: YOU can do that without the face to face interaction… you will learn how to do that shortly.
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    Mar 24 2014: Before we can re-introduce immunity into the world we have to work out a plan for population control. That's an UGLY truth. We may already have to much population to even consider introducing immunity.

    I think the medical industry is like the second or third largest industry in the world and we have to have a plan for all the misplaced careers.

    This is the ugly truth and when I spell it out like this, I begin to question whether I should just keep my mouth shut. Who am I to pull the rug out from everyone?

    I think the only thing that can save us is if the Bible is true and Jesus Christ is going to return and clean up the mess we have made. I will only believe it if I see it. I can't imagine any other way to save us.
    • thumb
      Mar 24 2014: Let's say people are quite willing to accept, as many do, that their own immune systems are strong enough to deal with most of the challenges to their good health.

      Is there something you would like to share here with people willing to accept this position? I think you will reach more people if you focus on this idea.

      I think the criticisms of big pharma, over-prescription of antibiotics, and so forth are pretty much preaching to the choir rather than a new idea. While some people are into natural medicines, most people around here are skeptical about health claims for natural medicine.

      I suggest, if you want people to listen to what you have to offer, that you focus on what you have to offer rather than on what other health/therapeutic avenues do not offer.

      I don't think you are going to convince Esteban that he does not know the Truth or that he will be convinced that you do know the Truth as something different from what he accepts/knows. You might consider moving on from that.
      • Mar 24 2014: Its not about convincing each other of the truth its about showing it and letting individuals embrace it or reject it… something different from what I accept/ know isn't the issue it is if that's actually a true thing… especially when individuals relay on what they choose to believe to determine what happens to be.
  • thumb
    Mar 24 2014: Yes Fritzie, and that is the problem today. No one gets to wrap their hands around the truth anymore. We are expected to accept things as truth based solely on hearsay trumped up as credible because of credentials. A lot of the great minds have thwarted by modern spin, as was one time effective natural medicine. Society learned that brilliant minds are a threat to society and the spinning of beliefs have muddied the water so that brilliance is no longer appreciated, it just has to sound good.

    It was not easy for me to sacrifice my beliefs. Now I say "show me". Of course now that I have immunity to disease I don't have a whole lot of concerns. I accept the fact that I cannot get the powers that be to lower the price of gas so I can have more freedom to travel. I accept the fact that politicians have no obligation to make my life better. Knowing these things allows me to make better use of what I do have control over. When I get a buck I spend it more wisely.

    I would like to "believe" things will get better but I see no evidence or proof that suggest it has a chance, especially if all people are willing to do is debate their beliefs instead of going for the kill. Truth will kill any debate.

    "Beliefs" consume a HUGE portion of our thought processes. I suspect as much as 90% of society's mental processing. 90% dedicated to plugging popular beliefs that can never come to fruition because they are BELIEFS. Santa Clause will never be a real person no matter how many kids believe.

    There will be no improvements in humanity until we shed our beliefs. If I could get people to at least appreciate the idea of being naturally immune to disease as nature intended then maybe people could take the steps to be immune. Once natural immunity is re-established things will change out of necessity. Mass immunity is the only thing that can improve humanity and make a change.
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    Mar 24 2014: Esteban, if the truth was not ugly you would be immune to disease right now. I don't know exactly why truth is so ugly but I know BELIEF is a big part of the problem. "Belief" is whatever you want it to be, truth just is.

    I know you are under the impression you are familiar with "truth" but I am sorry to point out that you are not. Now tell me that me telling you that you are not familiar with truth is not "UGLY".

    You are a 'romantic' Esteban. I was once myself. I "BELIEVED" there was good in the world but now I know that there is only good in people and the world will never be good. The world has NO use for truth because truth destroys the world.

    I am not a religious person but I do find it interesting how most religions teach that the "world" is wrong. I do not believe in the bible but I do recognize the wisdom of some of it.

    Esteban, it is an "either or", you can have belief or you can have wisdom. You cannot have both.

    Your whole comment is based on your BELIEFS and as such it becomes a debate. Ted is based on BELIEF. It is what keeps Ted interesting. It keeps people talking. Truth ends all discussion. We are only talking about immunity now because you don't have it, if you had it we wouldn't be talking about it. Instead you talk about your BELIEFS in regards to your health and the health of others. Immunity makes you BELIEFS moot.

    You like EFT because it meshes with how you like to BELIEVE. They designed it to do just that. It tells you what you want to hear, if it told you what you needed to hear you would not like it.

    OK, truth is not ugly but you do hate it as do the masses. You prefer EFT which has nothing to do with truth.

    EFT is a complicated mess of beliefs as are your comments. It's a fascinating mess which creates a challenge for you and you like the challenge. It's a waste of time nonetheless.

    Immunity involves simplicity not transformational dynamic. EFT has made it complicated & impossible.
    • Mar 24 2014: David,

      Sure I can tell you what you asked me to tell you :-) using slightly different word:
      --- you telling me that I am not familiar with truth is not "UGLY"
      That is what you sort of asked me to tell you. Of course the veracity of what you claimed to be depends on what you claimed to be, what happens to be and the correspondence between the two.

      BTW what if I choose my believe to be according what what be the truth?
      That is considering :
      - "Belief" is whatever you want it to be",
      - truth just is

      What if what i choose my beliefs to be according to what the truth that be?
      It would be both my belief and the truth…

      BTW you may be --- under the impression you are familiar with "truth" --- and are telling me what you need to know!
      Personally I realize that I too may be --- under the impression of this or that --- and ultimately its quite irrelevant for to me be it real or be it a dream I always seek the better way. Is it actually true that the world will never be good? That's akin to saying that the truth can choose to be good or choose to be bad … the truth simple be the truth! The world be the world. Truth neither destroys the world nor creates it… it merely describes what be according to what be.

      Why do you insist that it is an "either or", one can have belief or one can have wisdom? Some can have them both! Maybe you find it interesting how some religions teach that the "world" is wrong… because you believe in that The world has NO use for truth and believe that truth destroys the world.

      I wonder if my whole comment is based on just someone BELIEFS and as such it becomes a debate… why is that? Could it be a dialogue? an enriching conversation? I have noticed how truth sort of ends discussions: one either accepts the facts or rejects them. We are talking about immunity now because we choose to talk about it. Even if we had it we may still be talking about it for others to read. Why do you project assumptions about what I would do if you told the truth?
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    Mar 24 2014: Excellent point Fritzie. I have made the point of stating here that BELIEF can only be debated. We our fed our beliefs because beliefs work like a chew toy for dogs, it is something the powers that be give us to distract us.

    Here is my explanation for BELIEF and I am sure those who cherish belief will argue but here goes, take a person and give them a few iron hand tools and drop them off in the wilderness to survive by themselves. Like you said. there will be no other person to force beliefs onto. In this situation a person will get all kinds of IDEAS not beliefs. He will get an idea about how to trap a beaver and if he doesn't succeed he will change his idea over and over until he succeeds. He will learn to survive by trial and error and if he tries to believe in something proven to fail he will not survive.

    Our artificial lives have little need of hard core facts. Society functions better on beliefs. But if we were removed from society we would have no use for beliefs. We would be once again on a fact finding mission.

    I came down on Esteban here about modern natural medicine modalities. If you and I were dropped out in the wilderness to survive you and I would survive just fine. Even if we were too primitive to communicate verbally our immune system wouldn't care. No pictures no words. Granted if I am teaching someone I do speak and use video but only as a reminder to take a person back to a point were they experienced the "electrochemical" signal that prompted the body to adjust.

    If I start adding BELIEFS to what I do and offer now I will start sliding down the slippery slope and like today, my work would soon become an INEFFECTIVE modality instead of matter of fact science. I have made those mistakes in the past and I have learned from them.

    We put way too much emphasis on culture and social behavior forever clouding the truth.

    Belief is the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity. Ideas are great but popular beliefs are WRONG.
    • thumb
      Mar 24 2014: It is true that many popular beliefs are probably wrong. It is also unlikely that any of us is without any belief in the sense of being unwilling to take action, or not, based on things we have not proved indisputably for ourselves.

      Some people will believe that another person who has done some inquiry is a person of impeccable integrity and therefore accept and act on his advice. Some people will believe a person of science, some a spiritual leader, some a trusted friend, some a philosopher writing a couple of thousand years ago... not necessarily because they are totally abdicating their option to think and experiment for themselves but because they do not have the time/skill/resources to conduct thorough investigations in all areas for themselves and the words these sources offer "ring true" based on the dispositions and biases that are theirs.

      Daniel Kahneman would say we select our experts and evidence based on our cognitive biases even if we are aware that that is what we are doing.
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    Mar 24 2014: Now we are getting to the point Esteban, there can be no real healing as long as EFT is "believed" in. You almost had me convinced that there was a place for "belief" but your comment on "emotional freedom technique EFT: proved there is no place for "belief".

    It's your road and you will travel it the way you see fit but I assure you the days of effective natural medicine is LONG over mostly because of gimmicks like EFT. I know all about it and it has been around a while. The only healing that can possible take place though EFT is the same healing I use (the immune system), I just do not trash the truth by creating a destructive modality such as EFT. EFT is 100% placebo and no more consistent than any other modern modality.

    I understand you and the masses want a really cool reason to "BELIEVE" in real immunity. You would like to see me with a site like EFT but true healing and BELIEF do not exist together.

    As long as you believe in EFT and all the other gimmick modalities you will not understand real immunity. You have fallen for one of thousands of popular gimmicks and as long as these gimmicks set your standards of what you want to hear about health the truth will always rub you the wrong way.

    You missed the days of quality natural medicine. That boat has sailed and will never be back. There are thousands of gimmick but popular modalities out there but not one can offer any consistent healing and each one, especially EFT is in the way of you ever enjoying real immunity.

    With EFT you have a 2% chance of healing because you are relying placebo, essentially trying to trick the body into healing, with what I do you use real science and you command the body to adjust and heal. EFT is placebo and my work is matter of fact.

    Your dilemma of how to get individuals to become better can only be achieved by getting people to dismiss their beliefs and search out what is real. It's a long road.
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    Mar 22 2014: Esteban, it will get harder and harder every day to gain the ability to control immunity. Healing through natural medicine is becoming non-existent so there is no one in the that industry to turn to.

    That leaves meeting me in person unless you want to go to Argentina and meet Hector. Hector is the only other person I have trained who has been able to comprehend what he was learning, at least as far as what is comprehensible. No one will know what takes place when a person takes charge of their immunity, they will simply be able to enjoy the results. People always want to know how which is what you guys are driving at here but the how will never be knows because we are not that smart. Our subconscious mind is genius but we are all limited consciously. Hector and myself have the ability to control our immune systems but because it is done within and cannot be observed or measured we accept the results as reward enough.

    The whole industry of natural medicine is developed through conjuring up marketable explanations for what the body does all by itself. Society has gotten totally wrapped up in the marketable explanations and the action is now lost. People put explanations a higher priority than results, that is a sad truth.

    I can assure you, most reading our dialogue here are going insane waiting for an explanation they can wrap their heads around but there will be none. If you want to be immune to disease you have no choice but to do it. It is a thing of action, no explanation needed. The best explanation I can give is "get our of your bodies way and let it do it." I was never meant to teach people to subconsciously regain immunity, but as far as I know I am the only person left who can or will. Most everyone else has to have a monetary reason to learn what I can teach or offer and I cannot give them that. Lots of people get immunity through my help but they won't learn it.
    • Mar 23 2014: David,

      I am sure that some reading our dialogue here will think all sort of things and wonder why we choose to invest our time in what may seem to them as mumbo jumbo. Suffice it to state that we do it because we choose to do it and find it rewarding enough to do. When others find something valuable its and added bonus reward. I think you realize that we are basically side by side even though we may also be in different places. I have my doubts about that prophecy and conjure that asserts 'it will get harder and harder every day to gain the ability to control immunity'. I see many moving towards Healing through natural medicine and energetic medicine (look into emotional freedom technique EFT http://www.emofree.com ). Even if here is no one in the industry to turn to one can turn within get out of the way and let what ought to happen happen.

      Please realize that some will know what takes place when a person takes charge of their immunity, beliefs, thoughts feeling action, and appreciate bing able to enjoy the results. As you sort of said people always want to know though it works even thought some are just interested in the fact it work and a superficial understanding of what be going on. Everyone could know its just that some just don't care to know. Yes our subconscious mind is genius and we guide it through our conscious thoughts, feelings, actions stories beliefs and a bit more. Its vital to feed the mind, body and spirit the appropriate stuff to have the abilities activated. I agree with your assessment that Society has gotten totally wrapped up in the marketable explanations though I think that some individuals retain the action and know how. Yes many people put explanations a higher priority than results, fortunately it only takes one conscious thought to maintain what ought to be maintained. to be immune to disease one has infinite choices on how to do it, some better than others. Like you I face the dilemma of how to get individuals to become better.
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        Mar 24 2014: Esteban I know your intentions are good but until you and everyone else accepts the fact that TRUTH is ugly. Even the truth about gaining real immunity is ugly compared to the propaganda pseudoscience behind EFT.

        If you want immunity to disease you have to prepare yourself for what you do not want to hear. EFT is designed to tell you exactly what you want to hear. The truth will make you immune, EFT will only make you BELIEVE. Which one do you really want and need?

        Gaining real immunity is going to be extremely offensive. Understanding it even more so. BELIEF is the only thing between you and immunity. I'm sorry to be so abrupt. If it were not for the likes of EFT and all the other popular failing modalities you would be immune to disease right now.
        • Mar 24 2014: David,

          Why do you claim that TRUTH is ugly? TRUTH is TRUTH, like it or hate it TRUTH is TRUTH.

          I understand that some only want to hear the truth that is in line with what they think to be and may need to prepare themselves to hear the truth that isn't in line with what they think to be. EFT is but a means to an ends. I like how it 1- recognizes what be and then 2- chooses what to assert and 3-manages to fix certain stuff.

          Again I wonder why it is you insist on linking Gaining real immunity with something offensive… rather than something wonderful. In a way I think that that choice stems from thinking under the influence of certain notions/beliefs/feelings that use you for their propagation. Indeed BELIEF is the only thing between oneself and immunity and is the only thing that bridges the gap. I think that diseased right now stem from what many individuals choose to cultivate, feed and maintain. They could choose better ways though for the time being they are under the influence of what they think to be… Curiously that is also the way out, what each thinks to be and feels, and believes, and does etc… The right belief/thought/feeling/action can bring about a transformation that changes it all and enables one to know the truth of the matter. BTW if my perception is accurate and you recognize the truth of the matter you would concur that what I just states be accurate.

          I observed that you asked "Which one do you really want and need" as if that was an either or situation. Why need it be that way? You probably understand that some things are desired not because one needs them or wants to have them but because one chooses to desire them. The fundamental key involves desiring what ought to be desired as it ought o be desired.

          Finally, I realize that real immunity involves a transformational dynamic of what presently takes place that goes to the heart of the matter of finite temporality rather than the better alternative. Time to make the finite be enduring.
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    Mar 22 2014: I have things I want to do. I want to make the truth about health and healing and human immunity socially acceptable. I think I can do that without having to believing in anything.

    I don't believe in politics or religion. I like what some politics offer and some information found within religion but if I can't touch it or see it I consider it nothing more than an idea.

    This is all new for me, I use to BELIEVE just like you. I use to wade through life picking and choosing what I wanted to believe and then I would commence to persuade or get others to believe the way I did. I told myself all kinds of things.

    Everyone wants peace of mind and most attempt to get peace of mind by choosing to believe a certain way and change when it doesn't last or pan out.

    I can only talk from personal experience, I simplified. The weight lifted off my shoulders is unbelievable. The clarity is vivid my performance has improved. I gained peace of mind. I don't worry about things that cannot be worked out executed as fact.

    Here is the reason why and what makes it easy, having control over my immunity takes away the need for almost all belief. Once you understand that medicine is not science but an industry built around BELIEF/hypothesis to insure failure it frees up a lot of hard drive space so to speak. I guess if I felt an urge to "believe" again I might.
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    Mar 22 2014: Fritzie, on my FB page I give people access to the only scientific ways to improve immunity short of learning to control the immune process on demand. It covers stress, sleep water and a few other things. These steps require no investment and will do more for people health than any medicine today.

    However, to take control of the immune system to achieve efficient consistent immunity one needs to take precise control over the signals the body requires to maintain immunity. In ideal circumstances the immune work becomes involuntary again as it was before we sabotaged it with belief.
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      Mar 23 2014: I agree with you that good habits go a long way when it comes to health.
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        Mar 24 2014: Yes Fritzie good habbits go a long way, but they fall WAY short of natural immunity. We have been debating belief quite a bit but belief also gets in the way of common sense. Belief is what makes things extremely complicated and once it gets so convoluted we miss the common sense, kind of like seeing the forest for the trees.

        It takes two weeks to fully restore the immune system in the average person. A lifetime of good habits will not restore immunity. It will help people be stronger and they will do better but once a condition or disease takes hold and medicine steps in, fear and stress then overtake the good habits.

        Everyone knows the benefit of good habit but no one is obtaining real immunity because no one knows how easy it is to achieve.
        • thumb
          Mar 24 2014: It does make it difficult if this simple method to which you refer that nobody knows is impossible to share in words or images.

          I think people use the word "belief" differently. One thing I have noticed in conversation is that many people refer to other people's positions as beliefs and their own as truth or facts. This is one reason that it is difficult for people to make sense together of "belief."
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    Mar 22 2014: I think we have a different take on 'belief'. I use to believe as you do but then I realized what I could do if I dismissed my beliefs and only focused on what I can know to be fact. "Belief" as an idea is fantastic as long as it is worked to the point of becoming a tangible result. Dismissed when the idea/belief proves to fail or does not mature to fact. Clinging to a belief/idea that does not render results is a destructive waste of time.

    Hope is a whole different animal and almost equally destructive because people will often settle for hope and never cultivate it into action.

    My distaste for the overall loyalty society has for belief is because belief gets in the way of their immunity and improved quality of life. It is almost impossible for people to understand what they need to understand in order to achieve immunity because their mind is flooded with beliefs that make truth and wisdom seem like an incomprehensible lie.

    Of course "belief" is considered wisdom in most cases these days. Wisdom leads to immunity, belief leads to frailness. Wisdom is something to use and work with while belief can only be debated. Belief and wisdom do not exist together. I'm sorry. If you could only experience life without belief you would understand but it requires great sacrifice. Belief is who people are, it defines them. They make themselves into what they believe they are. When in reality they are a perfect being sabotaged by useless belief.

    When it comes to being healthy, one needs 100% focus on what the body can do, not what we would like it to do.
    • Mar 22 2014: David,

      Yes we seem to have different take on 'belief'. You seem to believe you can dismiss your beliefs where as I recognize that one is bound to believe while free to choose what to believe. Bluntly put you believe to know without recognizing that what you know depends on what you choose to believe (I think deep down you recognize the truth behind that statement). To use a different example you claim that you didn't choose to do something when you choose not to do it. Yes sometimes one better dismiss certain idea/belief/visions/dreams especially when the actual reality isn't working out; sometimes one better maintain certain idea/belief/visions/dreams till the actual reality becomes according to them ideals. That is clinging to a belief/idea can be a destructive waste of time or a constructive investment of time. Hope is a whole different animal, that is almost equally to 'belief'… and there are other ideas/concept that share this characteristic… Indeed people will often settle for (______) rather than actually cultivate that which ought to be put into action. Your 'distaste' for something stems from your affiliation to 'distaste', though your rationalize it by the claim you made. Yea belief can get in the way of their immunity and improved quality of life just as belief can foster and enable immunity and improved quality of life.

      I agree " It is almost impossible for people to understand what they need to understand in order to achieve immunity because their mind is flooded with beliefs that make truth and wisdom seem like an incomprehensible lie"… unless of course the beliefs makes truth and wisdom seem comprehensible and understandable. I wonder why you insist on associating belief to something negative. If you would only experience life with the better beliefs you would understand but it seems that presently that requires great sacrifice of sacrifice. People are who people are… beliefs are what beliefs are. Being health involves body-mind-spirit.
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    Mar 22 2014: Fritzie, I do appreciate you and Esteban both for being concerned with my struggles but I am comfortable sharing everything here. I could write a book's worth right here, enough to rival Moby Dick and link up to hours and hours of video about how to control and use the immune system to be healthy but doing so would only weaken the possibilities.

    The internet is full of "how to" books and video but they are no different than taking a course at the leading "natural medicine" institutes for training in natural medicine modalities. Books, DVDs, VHS and internet has destroyed real healing. Real healing is passed from one person to another through direct contact.

    30 years ago, natural medicine was a serious threat to western medicine and today's commercial science so the AMA (American Medical Association) did the only thing they could do to stop actual healing, they created their own training institutes and cultivated CREDENTIALS. Now you have endless access to highly credentialed natural doctors with plaques all over their walls but cannot cure 1 out of 1000 clients. Credentials ensure failure because that was the point in the first place.

    Time flies. Everyday there are less and less old school healers. It's a shame the old school healers functioned solely off of "belief" because had they demanded more from themselves they would have learned what I have learned.

    I do not mind sharing more and more because even if I can't post an outline on how you can be immune I can possibly help to create a demand for the idea. If people can warm up to the idea that they have a natural immune system designed to keep them immune then maybe I can build on that. Maybe Esteban can or yourself can make the same sacrifices I made and become in charge of your own immune systems and be able to help others do the same.

    All I can give you and the other readers here is indisputable information in hopes that it will help with my credibility and help people warm up to the idea.
    • thumb
      Mar 22 2014: I think sharing actual practical information is a constructive approach, if you decide to do that. Readers are naturally dubious of those who claim to have important information but then choose not share it.

      Please start sharing what you propose to share.
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        Mar 22 2014: One question Fritzie, has my information so far been practical?

        When I point out that belief is an obstacle in the way of wisdom, is that practical?

        People are naturally dubious when their beliefs are contradicted are they not?

        You have the ability to sit by yourself without any modern technology and stimulate your own immune system without any spiritual hamana hamana, products or gadgets. Your verbal communication skills will not help you.

        When you want to scratch you head, like you when you are confused you scratch without any verbal skills required. If you want to be immune to disease you have to control your immune system the same way. Placebos use to give people focus but not anymore. You have to start from scratch. You have to figure out how to send a signal somewhat similar to the signal that allows you to scratch your head but one to correct the first problem with immunity today.

        The body has a natural state where it puts it's immune processes on the back burner because. If a person wakes up after a good solid 8 hours of more of sleep more than likely they are in a state where there immune process is up and running. By 5pm it becomes more questionable because the body is running low on energy, not hamana hamana energy but calories and sleep energy, its wanting to unplug for the next day. Stress effects this greatly.

        I didn't sleep well last night at all and I work six days a week without much compensation so my immune system is likely put on the back burner right now. I will try to get my sleep tonight to get back on track.

        Before immune work and control can be done, one must be certain they are not in the state where the body naturally puts immunity on the back burner. Then and only then can a person control their immune system. Now, a person who is in the back burner state can flip the switch and turn the immune state back on in a split second.

        Is this practical? Running out of characters remaining.
        • thumb
          Mar 22 2014: These are the sorts of things I would call practical, though nothing in this is unusual or different from what many of us have understood to date- that sleep, eating properly, managing stress, and being active rather than, say, sitting all day, are conducive to good health of the immune system.

          I am not sure what Esteban means when he writes about belief in this context. It is possible, I think, that a belief that everyone is out to get you, just as one example, creates stress unnecessarily and that ridding oneself of that belief would reduce stress. Then the belief connects to stress and stress to immune health.
      • Mar 23 2014: Fritzie,

        When I write that belief can determine in part the experiences one has and choosing a different belief changes the experiences one has I mean that someone who believes 'that everyone is out to get them' will experience that and may propitiate that event happening. My wife mentioned a ted talk about stress that mentions how what one believes about stress influences how stress affects them ( http://www.ted.com/talks/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend ). It goes quite further, the belief that one holds can influence their immune response can and does make significant changes in the immune response. This actually is only the tip of the iceberg… It goes much much further, 'the belief' that one can influence this or that can and does make significant changes in this or that happenings.

        I wonder if one can ride oneself of certain beliefs just like that… from personal experience I know how challenging getting rid of beliefs can be, especially when said beliefs influence the experiences one has. The same also happens in reverse accepting certain beliefs can also be rather challenging, especially when doing so changes everything. Imagine what it takes to move from 'no pain no gain' to 'just play, learn and get it all'. Imagine redefining 'work it out' to 'play it out'… or 'make a living' to 'living and making stuff'. Even the concept of 'pay to use' to 'its free' or to 'get payed for using it' can change the experiences one holds. We are living in interesting times where many things will change for the better.

        Just wait and see… or better yet do actively embrace and cultivate the better changes.
        • thumb
          Mar 23 2014: That's how I thought you were thinking about belief.

          You mention how challenging it has been in your experience to get rid of beliefs, which brought to mind a course you might want to try offered by Robert Kegan, a psychologist at Harvard, free of charge through edX: https://www.edx.org/course/harvardx/harvardx-gse1x-unlocking-immunity-change-940

          Each student, despite the MOOC format, takes on a belief or behavior that for him has seemed resistant to change and works on it in a manner guided by recent findings in research on change.

          Please note, this course is about working on *your own* resistance to change- not on how to convince others of your beliefs! There are marketing courses, probably, through various online sites focused on the different enterprise of selling your wares/point of view to others.

          You might be interested in the Immunity to Change course. With a MOOC, it costs you nothing and if you find it doesn't interest you or help you, you don't need to stick with it.
      • Mar 24 2014: Fritzie,

        Thanks for the information will look into the course.

        BTW please realize that my curiosity into what it takes 'to convince others to change their beliefs' is more of an abstract ideological schemata to understand what's involved in changing what someone believes; I am not in a quest to change them nor convince them of anything. The fact I lack interest in selling wares/point of view to others may be part of the reason that I just put the issues on the table. My observation of how difficult it can be to give up certain beliefs was more of a factual objective observational assertion of something that happened to me. I was rather fortunate that the experience involved a belief which wasn't considered to be fundamental, so it was 'easier' to give up. I realize individuals operate under the influence of their beliefs even if they claim that they don't. In other words everyone has a bias, towards what? now there be the key to understanding…

        will look into the course thanks...