Sebastian Villegas

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Have you ever felt that you are being absorbed to the routine, and the same time figure out that you're working to be a machine of someone?

The routine of work was created by the human system which most of the governments trying promote it, also they're declining the hapiness on the normal and regular people.

  • Feb 25 2014: I trade my labour for money. After looking around me at what other people do and what they get for it I think I get a fair exchange.
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    Feb 22 2014: usually I feel like the work I do is pretty interesting. What sort of work do you do? Do you not find it interesting?
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      Feb 24 2014: Actually, i am student but it is really easy to identify.
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        Feb 26 2014: how have you identified it? Have you talked to people who say they are being absorbed to the routine? Or have you only looked at them externally and guessed about how they feel?

        Is school interesting to you, or do you feel like you being absorbed to the routine there?